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Sarah DiGregorio – Food Editor, Parade

Food is rarely just something you put in your mouth. Sure, that’s where it typically goes, and there’s a practical purpose for doing so (i.e., survival), but food can mean so much more. Eating can incorporate community, tradition, and even science, for better or worse. It gives common ground and facilitates conversation, debate and insight. As a food journalist, Sarah DiGregorio seeks to cover food in such a way that illuminates not only how it’s made and what it tastes like, but also what it means to people. As the new food editor of Parade magazine since March, she will have the opportunity to do just that.

“I’m very excited to be at Parade,” she said. “It’s a huge opportunity to communicate with millions of people all over the country—to help them prepare meals with their families and to bring them food stories that matter.”

The ways in which food stories matter are of particular interest to DiGregorio; she sees the topic permeating many facets of everyday life.

“I love that food is an umbrella topic that encompasses so much—its politics and family and culture and science and comfort,” she said. “It makes me endlessly curious.”

DiGregorio also noted that, contrary to what some believe, food writing isn’t all about eating. “The best food stories are human stories and they require good reporting,” she said.

She had her first taste of good reporting at her very first journalism job, serving as personal assistant to Brad A. Johnson at the Los Angeles-based magazine Angeleno.

“At the time, he was the national dining and travel editor for all the Modern Luxury magazines. He was a wonderful, incredibly generous mentor—he showed me the ropes and he let me write,” she said.

“I have also been very inspired by Jonathan Gold, whose book made me love Los Angeles, Calvin Trillin, Jane and Michael Stern, among many others,” she continued, citing more influences on her career.

Aside from her stint at Angeleno, DiGregorio has held editorial and writing roles at numerous publications since graduating from Brown University in 2002. She has worked for RivieraSaveurChile Pepper Magazine,Village Voice, and Food Network Magazine. Additionally, her freelance work has also appeared in The New York TimesThe Wall Street JournalGilt Taste and Gastronomica, among others. DiGregorio also received a Master of Arts in Journalism from New York University in 2006.

With ample experience under her belt, DiGregorio is well prepared for her new position at Parade. She is unconcerned by the many shake-ups in the journalism industry since she started her career a decade ago. For her, shifts in the ways readers consume information is secondary to great content.

“I’m grateful to be able to communicate with readers in any medium,” she said. “I hope that people will always want to read good stories, and I try not to worry about how they’re choosing to read them.”

Pitching Tips

DiGregorio is open to receiving press materials and prefers to be contacted by email, rather than by phone. She asks that PR pros tailor their pitches to fit Parade’s coverage.

As a word of general advice, DiGregorio says to “pitch as much as you can—but don’t do it blind. Read the publications you want to pitch carefully, figure out what kinds of stories they run, and come up with ideas that are tailored to the outlet. Even if a particular story doesn’t work for an editor, they’ll remember that your pitch was smart and focused.”

DiGregorio is available on Twitter at @SarahDiGregorio.

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