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Spring Cleaning for Social Networking Sites? Cision Sounds Off

Maybe you planted your garden or washed your windows. Maybe you put your snow boots and winter coat in storage. Hopefully you’ve filed taxes—six days left, people! But have you considered a spring cleaning for your social media presence?

Admit it. There’s a social network or an app—or two or three or ten—that you’ve been neglecting. We asked five Cision staffers (myself included) which platforms they’ve been managing poorly and what improvements—or deletions—would make for a successful spring cleaning. Here’s what they had to say about cutting, gutting and renovating their social wheelhouse.


brandonBrandon Andersen, Global Product Development Manager

Networks you’re neglecting? Twitter and LinkedIn.  I check them on occasion and just kind of hope people will reach out to me (which obviously doesn’t work unless my name was Lady Gaga).

Room for improvement? The problem is that people who succeed on these networks usually invest quite a bit of time, which unfortunately I don’t have because I prioritize other things (sleep, sports, beer, etc.) over them.

Where do we start? I’d actually like to spring clean my Google+ account. I know what people say about Google+, but I’ve driven more traffic to my personal blog through that, Facebook and reddit than from anything else.  The Google+ communities are also really cool and I’d like to be more active in them.


Kristen Sala, Director of Media Researchkristen4small

Networks you’re neglecting? I signed up for Google+ quite a while ago, and that pretty much concluded my activity on the site. My Twitter account could also use more TLC. I have a wide variety of handles that I follow, and have completely neglected to organize them in any way. I also think I need to do a better job of interacting with people on Twitter.

Room for improvement? I would probably simply delete my Google+ account. However, I definitely would like to improve my Twitter presence and be more vigilant with this account… perhaps this is a project for maternity leave? [Editor’s Note: Kristen is due this month!]

Where do we start? Mostly, I need to organize the [Twitter] handles I follow, which I think will help me become more interactive on the site. I need an entire week to dig into that account and organize everyone into lists!


Sam George, Intern Extraordinaire

Networks you’re neglecting? Vine because I don’t use it. Twitter because the only time I think about posting things is when too much time has elapsed and I feel pressured to post something. I think it’s a great tool, but I use it as a newsfeed.

Room for improvement? I am interested in improving my presence. I wouldn’t start over or delete an account—I think what I have is relevant, just seems like a hassle at the moment.
Where do we start? I don’t feel like I require much of a spring cleaning, but some monitoring tools will certainly come in handy. Perhaps something like Hootsuite to help with consistent posting and relevancy of tweets.


Teresa Dankowski, Community Manager for Seek Or Shoutlilterra1

Networks you’re neglecting? My personal Twitter account and my blog’s Facebook page. With Twitter, I don’t think it’s a big commitment to create one-liners or share links, but I’m not good about following new people or topics or using the tool for two-way conversations. With Facebook, I mostly keep forgetting to share content with some regular frequency.

Room for improvement? I’m kind of indifferent about my personal Twitter account, though I would like to improve my Facebook presence and grow my likes and fans. The content I blog is highly visual and shareable, so it lends itself well to Facebook’s medium and market.

Where do we start? If I can commit to posting content daily—original and external content that appeals to my audience—I could probably spring-clean my way into relevance and frequency. I’ll know I’m on track when Facebook Analytics starts reporting gains and signs of virality.


lisalarranagaLisa Larranaga, Social Media Manager

Networks you’re neglecting? On a personal level, I spend gobs of time on Facebook and very little on Google+. To increase my ‘personal brand,’ I know it’s essential to have a presence on Google+, plus I do feel that the ‘Communities’ are the strongest of any other network. I really enjoy the PR groups I’m a part of on Google+ and think the design of these groups is a part of that.

Room for improvement? I know it all comes down to prioritizing, so instead of spending 30 minutes commenting on my girlfriend’s adorable photos of her baby on Facebook, I should spend at least 15 of those minutes keeping up on industry news and insight on Google+.

Where do we start? I think the best ‘spring cleaning’ I can do is to evaluate my personal and professional social networks, the return I’m getting, and prioritize from there. I love Facebook and it’s a good way to keep in touch with people, but it also can be a time-suck, and that’s what I hope to cut down on this year.


Does this sound like you? Looking for social media time management tips? Want the lowdown on what social media platforms are best for you or your business? Join Lisa Larranaga and I for a free Cision webinar this Thursday at 1 p.m. Central time: Leader or Follower? Why Joining Every Social Platform is Not a Good Brand Strategy.


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