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Celebrate the technology advancements of TV in June

When: June 25

What: More than 400 people watched the first color television broadcast as guests at a CBS studio in 1951, while thousands were able to view it from stores and hotels. In the following decades, television surpassed radio in popularity, but has come to face a volatile future in the Internet age. Commemorate the evolution of broadcast on June 25.

Background: On June 25, 1951, CBS aired the first commercial color television broadcast across a network of five East coast affiliates, despite color receivers not being available to the public. But, by the ‘60s and ‘70s, color TV sets had become affordable enough for most Americans to own one.

Story Pitch: Anyone that works in the television production, broadcast or technology industries would be well suited to pitch around this historic event. Local and national broadcasters will want to tie this legacy of experimental and new entertainment technology to their current endeavors in creating or strengthening an online and streaming presence. Television manufacturers can take a similar approach by unveiling new technology in conjunction with this date, especially if they center on prototype technology like smart TVs, streaming from computer hard drives and interaction with smart phones and tablets. Though broadcasters and television companies are seen as the backbone of the industry, businesses that work in TV peripherals like game consoles, sound systems and streaming devices and services can focus on what they’re doing to change how people watch and interact with television programs. These companies may want to focus on new deals with content providers, but also share what they’re doing to provide unique content and experiences to customers.

Story Hook: According to, broadcast TV has seen a decline in viewers compared to cable and streaming video services. How are traditional broadcasters adapting content and presentation to keep up with the competition? Keep the following in mind when making your pitch:

  • How have newer technologies like 3D TVs been received with by public?
  • What challenges do broadcasters face when producing new content?
  • How have tablet computers changed TV and how people acquire content?
  • What legal and licensing hurdles do streaming services face?

Tips: Providing contact information for local television broadcasters and TV technology companies can provide valuable insight into the shifting market.


Consumer Electronics Association
(703) 907-7600

Federal Communications Commission Media Bureau
(202) 418-7200

National Association of Broadcasters
(202) 429-5300

The Nielsen Company
(800) 864-1224

–Researched, compiled & written by Nicholas Testa
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