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Pinteresting Updates – How to benefit from the latest Pinterest changes

If you’re a daily Pinner, like me, you’ve probably noticed Pinterest has debuted a new look and a few more additional features. If you’re not a regular user, maybe you haven’t noticed, but that’s why I’m here. To fill you in! If you don’t know what Pinterest is and have no idea what I’m talking about, this isn’t where you should be. You should be here!

But back to the matter at hand. Here are some things you should know whether you currently manage a Pinterest account or are thinking about creating one.


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Pins are Bigger
Pinterest is a visual platform. In fact, that is the whole point of Pinterest. So, the minds behind the site decided, Bigger is always better! Which is true in this case.

Why this should matter to you: Since you want to tell a story through your pins, having larger images just makes it easier for your followers to see what you’re all about. Maybe you’re adding a quote or some kind of text to an image—being able to see what it says without having to click on it makes a big difference when people are browsing.

The “Pinned from” feature is back
For a while, Pinterest took away the ability to see the original pinners. But they listened to feedback, and pins now show “repinned by” and the users who have pinned that image previously.

Why this should matter to you: It’s a great way to build relationships! Seeing who else has pinned an image you are interested allows you to check out others who have similar interests. Check out their boards, comment or repin their pins—allows you to create business relationships or just make friends.

Easier navigation
Pinterest updated its search function, and now suggests keywords while you type. It’s a feature we’re all used to when using search engines, so it only makes sense to have it on this site as well. One thing to note, however, is it seems that the site has actually removed the hashtag feature, so putting a # in front of keywords does not make a difference when searching.

Another thing you may have noticed is you can keep you place after clicking on a pin. Previously, if you navigated away by clicking on a pin, you would be taken back to the top of the page you were looking at and lose your place—super annoying if you’re like me and can scroll down the same page for hours.

Why this should matter to you: Allowing for better scrolling, searching and ease of navigation is better for you as a user, but think about it in terms of potential followers. You want people to be able to easily find your pins and boards without getting frustrated in the process.

Users are now able to notify other Pinterest users within a pin, using the @ symbol. Just like tagging on Facebook or Twitter, just type @ along with the person or company’s name you want to tag, and the smart search should pull up any matching names. This alerts the user that you’ve mentioned them.

Why this should matter to you: It’s a yet another nice feature to connect with people. It also eliminates the need to wonder if they happened to see your pin while scrolling through their home feed. You can now specifically lead them to it, which in turn creates a higher probability that they will share it with their followers.

Pinterest now has its own free web analytics tool. You can find the analytics in the new look if you hover over your name in the top right. They rolled this feature out back in March, but you can only find it on the updated version of the site.

Why this should matter to you: Instead of relying on a third party analytics tool to measure your Pinterest impact, you can find your metrics right on the site. Some of the numbers available include the average number of repins, the average number of clicks to your website from Pinterest, and the average number of people directed to your site from Pinterest.

Pinterest says the new look is still being rolled out to users, but you can click on the “Get it now” button located at the top of your home feed if you haven’t gotten it yet.

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