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Weekly Feature for Fashion & Beauty Fanatics: Q&A with Alea Sherrill

This is a guest post from Gina Joseph, social media community manager at Cision.

Alea Sherrill

Photo courtesy of Alea Sherrill

Remember YM magazine and Delia’s? We do! And so does today’s Fashion & Beauty Buzz featured blogger, Alea Sherrill, who turned to fashion blogging after feeling like she was losing her “fashion voice”. Read more to find out her career challenges, her favorite blogs and where she finds inspiration.

Q: You say in your blog that you have a degree in fashion marketing from the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago. What made you decide to go into fashion?
A: From as far back as I can remember, I have had a love for clothes and shopping. I remember when I was younger I would get YM, Seventeen Magazine and Delia’s catalog and obsess over what I was going to buy! So, when deciding on a career it was natural for me to choose fashion. I didn’t have any sewing skills, but I knew I could be successful in marketing and business which is why I chose to major in Fashion Marketing.

Q: What inspired you to start a fashion blog?
A: After getting married and having my daughter, I was so busy taking care of home that I felt like I was losing my “fashion voice”. I started the blog because I knew there were other women like me who want to keep their wardrobe updated, but don’t have an overflowing amount of time or money to do it. Once I began writing, it just continued to grow from there.

Q: What are a few of the most exciting experiences you’ve had so far as a fashion blogger?
A: Partnering with great companies and other talented bloggers has been a joy for me. I love reading from blogs like Bliss at Home, Spoonful of Imagination and Hey Fran Hey.

Q: What is the most challenging part of your career?
A: The most challenging part for me is time. There are so many new ideas and articles I want to write, but with only 24 hours in a day, it can get tough. The best way I have learned to help me with time management is writing in blocks. I will sit down on the weekends and write out my ideas or even on a weeknight I might write one or two articles.

Q: Where do you get ideas for your posts?
A: My idea’s for my posts come from everywhere really. There are so many things that inspire me. One of the main ideas that guide my posts are “What fashion, beauty and lifestyle advice can women use today?” I also use myself as a guide. If there is something that I am loving, I will share it with my readers. Various PR firms will send me press releases and ideas. If it’s a good fit for my readers, I write a post and share it. I will also turn the fashion questions many of my friends, family and readers ask me into posts. My philosophy is, if they are asking these questions, then there are others out there asking as well!

Q: What are your PR pet peeves, or what is the strangest pitch you’ve received?
A: I don’t really have any PR pet peeves and I am happy to say I have not received any really strange pitches…yet!  All-in-all the PR companies I have worked with have been great!

Q: Any tips for PR professionals who want to get in contact with you?
A: I am always open to new ideas and making new connections. Email is the best way to contact me ( or you can call 704-266-0764.

Find Alea on Twitter, FacebookPinterest, Seek Or Shout, and on her blog, My Style Daily.

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