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4 things to think about before launching a content marketing campaign

While the term “content marketing” has gotten a ton of airtime over the last year in the PR and marketing space, we’ve found that many of our clients have yet to get started and those who have are struggling to get their campaigns off the ground. If your brand is in the same boat, it can seem overwhelming to continually create relevant content for your audience. But how do you make sure you’re reaching them in the right places and engaging them with useful information?

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The new mantra at Edelman is that the paid ought to support the earned and owned content, to make it work harder and more intelligently than a classic media buy that stands on its own. According to Richard Edelman, publishing sites like Time and Associated Press are going to start supporting even more sponsored content on their sites. So now more than ever seems to be the time to start planning your strategy.

Here are a few things that we think you should consider prior to any content marketing campaign:

1. How is my brand different?

What sets your brand apart from its competitors? According to Content Marketing Institute’s Joe Pulizzi, marketing professionals from so many small and large businesses get so fixated on channels such as blogs, Facebook or Pinterest that they honestly have no clue of the underlying content strategy. He suggests creating a content marketing mission statement.

2. What knowledge can I offer my customers that no one else can?

Who is your audience and what are they interested in? If you can find a topic that isn’t quickly depleted, is unique to your brand and ignites a passion with your audience, that is the ultimate goal.  The subject matter can evolve over time and should be constantly evaluated based on the results of previous campaigns, but it should always be uniquely yours. Think about – What content is resonating with my audience? What content receives the most shares, likes and clicks? How do I recreate a successful piece of content for a different article?

3. Who is going to create the content?

Do you have one person or a team of people that has time to dedicate to content creation or do you have to pool resources from different departments? Will you have to outsource the copywriting altogether?  Where will you pull content ideas from? Who will edit the copy once it’s created?

4. What channels are appropriate for my audience/content?

Where are you currently engaging with your brand’s followers? Is your audience on Facebook or Twitter? Do they share your images on Pinterest or are they solely on LinkedIn? Have you established a large subscription base to your email newsletter or  online newsroom? Wherever you audience is, your content must resonate there.

What tips would you offer to someone who is just getting started?

About Laurie Mahoney

Laurie Mahoney is the Director of Product Marketing at Cision. She is a regular contributor to Cision Blog mainly focusing on topics like content marketing, social media and SEO. Laurie is a Chicagoan now, but spent her earlier days in the South where she attended the University of Georgia. She has a weakness for good TV, sushi and anything that mentions “salted caramel” in the name. You can find her on Twitter @channermahoney.

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