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Just “Google It” – What the Power of This Phrase Means for Businesses Today

You can’t go one day without hearing the phrase “Google it” in some form.  “Google it” means that the person is suggesting you to go to a computer, tablet, or mobile phone and type in a phrase or keyword into the Google Search engine.

Google is not the only search engine option, however it has placed itself as the leader because of its lead in the “SEO” game.

What is SEO? [SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization]
SEO shows where a webpage ranks organically for a given phrase or keyword. When someone does a Google search, they are directed to the SERP [search engine results page]. The searcher can choose from paid ads (an ad a company pays for to show up at the top of search results) or organic results (a company’s search ranking based on Google’s algorithm). But just because a site has better a better SERP ranking does not mean it’s a better product or company. Unfortunately, most people do not go past the first page as they search. So as a business you want to your website to show up as close to the top of, or on, the first page of organic results for your given trade, industry, specialty, etc.

Disclaimer: This blog post is intended to educate businesses on the importance of understanding a Google (and/or other search engine) search. This post is not intended to give step by step SEO tips for ranking.

All your published materials marked with your keyword set (website, social media, video, blog, etc.) help Google rank you its search when an individual enters a query for a specific keyword. It’s important to stay true to your keyword set and understand which keywords are best for your overall goal and industry.  Keep in mind the most obvious keywords aren’t necessarily the best keyword for what you are trying to accomplish.  If you are interested in outsourcing your SEO efforts to a contractor, make sure you ask them questions the right questions when you’re interviewing. The right contractor would want to know what your long and short term goals are so they can properly assign you the right keywords.  While traffic to your site is great, it’s even better when you get qualified traffic of people who are looking specifically for what you have to offer.

Your Social Business is not in vain.

When most think about Google search results, they assume that their website is what shows up on the results. However, it is just as possible for your Google Plus, Google Places, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, YouTube, or blog to appear so don’t discount or brush off your company’s social pages.

Many questions are raised on the topic of social media ROI (Return On Investment).  Social media practitioners today ask business owners to not see ROI in its traditional meaning but rather its 2013 meaning – Return On Influence.

Your social media involvement now plays a huge role in your search results when a user “googles it,” as your social profiles connect you with a larger audience – your customers, prospects, the community, etc. Make sure that you are interesting and engaging online. I won’t dive to deep into this topic as it’s another post in itself, but do understand that your company website optimization isn’t the only factor that determines what will show up in a Google search.

Google loves Google.

You may not consider Google Plus as prominent as Facebook or Twitter in your social media marketing strategy, but keep in mind that it is a Google product and is coming up in the ranks. When you do a Google search, you’ll notice that the first items to appear are paid ads, images, places, and video – all of which are Google products – so don’t discount tagging your images correctly, managing your Google Plus/Places pages, and adding videos to YouTube.  Doing so will boost your chances of appearing on the first search pages.

Be Smart. And Move in the Right Direction.

Your online presence is increasing important to your business so be smart and have a strategy.  If you find that you can’t manage your social networks or SEO efforts in-house, take your time researching the right outsourcing option.  Don’t look for the quickest and cheapest option – take time to find someone who knows what they’re doing and can be a positive addition to your team.

Author Bio: Margaret Brown instructs business owners and marketing teams on the best ways to network, online & offline. She is the founder of The ANROMA Group and, where her team offers a variety of business communication services specifically helping businesses with their social business strategy.  You can  join the ‘Socialize Your Brand’ movement by joining Margaret via Twitter (@csrsocialite) or at

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