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7 Ways Twitter Can Help Build Your Brand And Establish Online Authority

Twitter has evolved from its humble beginnings.  The microblogging platform is increasingly gaining widespread use and acceptance among more diverse populations.  From professionals that want an easy way to stay on top of pertinent industry news to people who like to tweet funny comments on favorite celebrity gossip, Twitter is becoming a powerful marketing tool.  What effective Twitter marketing looks like is debatable as there is no one-size-fits all approach.  In fact, catering your tweets to your target audience of busy professionals by providing links to abstracts from peer-reviewed journals could be a fantastic marketing tool, but a target audience of teenagers might not be as eager to connect.  At its core, Twitter is about making quick, quality connections.

Below are seven ways Twitter can help establish your brand as an online authority, help you make meaningful connections, and open new avenues for growth.

1.     Build a strong following

There is more to Twitter than strength in numbers.  Your followers and who you choose to follow represents your business and your brand.  Methodically build a following of people who are genuinely interested in your brand or your industry instead of sending out thousands of generic messages.  Followers can include potential customers, influential people recognized by your target audience, and others involved in the industry that can meaningfully contribute to the stream of data.

2.     Connect with previously unidentified market demographics

A large part of social media marketing involves flexibility.  Be open to the introduction of a different demographic than you originally thought would be an asset to your Twitter campaign.

3.     Make meaningful connections

Twitter can allow you to make meaningful B2B and B2C connections.  When used as a marketing channel, Twitter can provide a lot more than a few jokes or comments from friends.  Potential influential business partners can find you on Twitter and like what they see.  Instead of only making acquaintances online, Twitter can open new doors and better your business.

4.     Promote independent brand advocacy

Good press should be valued, whether it comes from a customer or an influential business in a neighboring industry.  Give your Twitter followers what they are looking for, and build a community around an aspect of your brand.  Open the doors for people to share information and recommend your brand to others.

5.     Importance of immediacy when conveying information

Twitter conveys information almost immediately.  Immediacy is not the same as having a sense of urgency.  However, the nature of immediately giving a short bit of content can encourage others to re-Tweet and share on impulse as well.  Unlike of reading a verbose article, reading a Tweet can be done almost anywhere, anytime.

6.     Value in learning industry trends ASAP

Many professionals see tremendous monetary value in learning about industry news first.  Similarly, many consumers see tremendous social value in being the first to catch on to a new trend in a certain industry (e.g. fashion, electronic gadgets, etc.).  Twitter is quick and easy.

7.     Share ideas and opinions with other entrepreneurs

Business does not have to be cut-throat per se.  Many professional organizations encourage that professionals share ideas and earn continuing education credits to make sure they are up-to-date on industry trends.  Sharing ideas, thoughts, and opinions with other entrepreneurs does not imply that you are giving away your secret to success.  Instead, view connecting with other entrepreneurs as forming symbiotic relationships in which you can give each other referrals and personal recommendations.  You never know when a long-lost friend will have a great idea that you would love to be a part of.   In addition, other entrepreneurs embarking on a social media marketing journey are likely to be a more active group of followers.

Why Twitter is such an effective marketing tool in a nutshell

Twitter does not have any strong connotations that exist alongside the microblogging platform.  It also does not have a reputation for leaning towards a certain market demographic or being untrustworthy.  Twitter is a very malleable platform that you can use to effectively communicate with target audiences from all walks of life in real-time.  Along with the ability to effectively choose what your Twitter marketing platform will look like initially, it does provide many avenues for networking and growth that you might not have initially anticipated.  Do not get left behind the curve due to inflexibility.  Instead, share data, get creative, and be open to new and exciting opportunities.

Author bio: Dorian Travers is the Internal Marketing Strategist at digital marketing firm, and has always been obsessed with the world of marketing and coming up with creative ways to help businesses grow.

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