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Vice + Twitter = #DailyVice

Social media has completely revolutionized the way news and content are consumed by the general public. The days of the morning paper and the nightly news broadcast completely satisfying the appetites of people hungry for information are over and gone. The appetites have increased, and new generations are ravenous for the latest and greatest of all things at any given time. Following from this, media brands are searching for new ways to drive out their content to the population as well as enticing them to return on a regular basis for more, and more, and more.

Renegade media brand Vice is partnering up with social media monster Twitter for a new video series: #Dailyvice. The series will feature 30- to 60-second clips consisting of news, culture, and entertainment coverage with the edge that has always defined Vice’s editorial scope.

This is not Vice’s first venture outside of print and into the new realms of emerging media. The brand has earned a name for itself in recent years with a number of highly popular and innovative documentary films. Also, Vice’s YouTube channel has garnered over two million hits since its launch in April of last year. These innovative projects included multi-episode pieces featured on the brand’s web site enticing readers and viewers to return regularly for installments.  Vice has covered a myriad of topics, including North Korea’s obsession with basketball, the war in Afghanistan, and rapper Snoop Dogg’s “Reincarnation” during a trip to Jamaica.

As Vice chief creative officer Eddy Moretti said in a statement: “We’re excited to launch the #dailyvice show with Twitter. It’s a new video format for Vice, a change to deliver our documentaries and entertainment in a size perfect for the immediacy and efficiency of the Twitter platform.” A short while ago, before the age of Vine and the newly launched Instagram video application, short-stream documentaries might have sounded like an oxymoron to most people; however, with the rise in video’s prevalence as the signature content medium of large social media behemoths, the capacity for high-end journalism delivered in a concise format has opened up. Moretti continues:

“Twitter is evolving and media creators need to rethink the way they create and distribute formats. #dailyvice will be informative, it will be global, it will be fun, addictive, and, yes, it will only be on Twitter.”

Brands are now redefining conventional means of attracting a dedicated following in an age of social media and the decline of print all together in exchange for “two-screen view” content. This new partnership, and others like it, blend the continuous content of Twitter with the trusted coverage Vice fans have come to expect.

Twitter has etched out a corner of the news market due largely to the instant nature of updates that users have at their fingertips. The first place many turn for up-to-date news is not the television, but their computer or mobile device where they can receive updates in real time from numerous sources on their Twitter feeds.

The series, expected to launch in the second half of 2013, is just one part of Twitter’s new “Amplify effort,” which allows networks to broadcast video via the platform. According to Glenn Brown, director of promoted content and sponsorships at Twitter, who said in a recent blog post: “We think these types of two-screen sponsorships are a win-win-win. Users receive spectacular, timely content that rounds out their TV experience or reminds them to tune in. Powered by Promoted Tweets, broadcasters reach new audiences and open up new business lines.”

Twitter has also announced partnerships on Twitter Amplify with Bloomberg TVConde NastTime, Inc., and others. These partnerships with established news outlets speak volumes to Twitter’s ambition and future as a major force in the news world.

Brands are now finding that juggling multiple projects and maintaining a variety of platforms is the only way to stay relevant and at the forefront of the media industry. Vice’s properties include a magazine, web site, digital channels, television and film production studio among other ventures. Having a branch of business in all facets of media is certainly becoming the new normal in media.

The launch of #dailyvice is just one of a number of new venues where brands are discovering opportunities to exploit social media for all of it can offer. It will not be surprising to see similar channels opening up before the end of the year.

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Eddy Moretti – chief creative officer, Vice



By Glenn Brown (blog post)


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