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Create the Perfect Social Media Posts

Anyone in the social media world fantasizes about a Facebook post that gets shared as much as anything that George Takai posts, a tweet that sparks hundreds and thousands of retweets and favorites, and a pin that gets repinned to several boards. Ahh. Alas, that isn’t exactly possible. However, we can work for it by learning and understanding how each social network operates and how to capitalize on each opportunity for maximum reach.

While there is no secret formula to be the next George Takai, here are a few tips on creating the perfect social media post for each network:

Facebook: Facebook is the biggest social network. As a brand, you should have a presence here. When people think social media, they often think Facebook. To take advantage of this network, follow these key tips:

  • Keep things positive: share a success story, a new product, etc. Positivity breeds excitement, engagement, and sharing. People want to know what’s new with you and if it’s a good piece of info, they want to be the first to share it amongst their own network.
  • Provide information: the posts that get the most engagement are the types that keep the audience on their toes. Create a snappy headline, get them excited, and keep them wanting more by either attaching a photo or a link.
  • Include images: People love to browse Facebook for images. It often tells them exactly what they need to know before they even read the content associated with it and if they’re compelled by the image, they’ll click on the link
  • Include a link: got a juicy link for all the content you just sourced out – put it in there! After all, you are on Facebook for a reason, to market your content, sell a product, and get people back to your website.
  • Engage with users: Facebook has made it even easier to engage with users with threaded replies. Take advantage of the tools and answer any questions that may arise or encourage any enthusiastic fans with more info.

Twitter: While Facebook might be the biggest, Twitter can’t exactly be ignored as the second. In the perfect world, Facebook and Twitter go hand in hand however while Facebook allows more room for creativity, Twitter is the king of brevity and to excel at this platform, you need to know how to master the art of 140 characters or less.

  • Call to action: this is important to consider when composing a tweet. What is your objective? Is it pointing to a sale? Do you want them to share it? Go to a website for more details? Let that be known.
  • Punctuation: Time is short on Twitter and the timeline moves fast. Capitalize words like free, sales, deal, etc to get the attention of an eager tweeter looking for a good bargain.
  • Shorten URLs: The Viralheat platform allows you to shorten your URLs and track how many clicks you got with those links.
  • Hashtags: Use hashtags to highlight relevant content in your post. Don’t go overboard though. An ideal tweet has 2-3 hashtags.
  • Format: Use questions, facts, and figures to engage and entice users.
  • Mentions: engage with fans and prompt influencers in your community by reaching out to them.
  • Retweet: don’t be afraid to retweet relevant content, any great mentions about your brand, or other valuable info.

Pinterest:  Who knew a scrapbooking type network could be so popular? Success with Pinterest has a lot to do with the photo. No surprise there, right?

  • Colors: the more colorful the image is, the more repins you’ll see. Make sure the photo is clear, high resolution, and depicts your brand clearly.
  • Red and orange: it’s been proven that the colors red and orange make us hungry which is why you’ll see them being used at your favorite fast food hangout. The same is true for Pinterest which uses red as its main color. If you follow the theme and use images with more red and orange, you’ll see a lot more repins and comments.

Last but not least, Google+. Don’t ignore this one. Most brands think that Facebook and Twitter is enough and maybe it is but Google+ is a great ally in the world of social networking sites.

  • What’s Hot: This section is similar to Twitter trends. Check to see what’s hot on Google+ to pick an interesting topic that relates to your brand and see if you can use it somehow in a fun and informative post.
  • Use hashtags: Primarily a Twitter thing, hashtags are also popular on Google+. Use hashtags to help people find your content and share it.
  • Images: Google+ has changed their layout to highlight images. Use a full size image with a link to highlight your content. DO NOT drop links and use the photo attached. Take time to upload a photo and shorten the link (hint: we’ve got a great URL shortner for you)
  • Engage: just like any network, make sure you engage. If someone comments, tag them in a comment and reply with your answer. Keep the conversation flowing

Got a hot tip that’s worked for you. Let us know in the comments below.



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