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How to write content that ranks high on Google

SEO: a big scary word (depending on who you ask) that makes all writers cringe when they sit down to compose their works of art. Do you write for yourself, for your audience, or the search engine algorithm? Secretly, you’re trying to fill up that blog post with as much meta data as it can absorb – keywords, photo tags, etc all in hopes that someone will find it, read it, and share it all while forgetting that once it’s found – it had better be good. So how do you rank on Google and keep your journalist integrity?

First and foremost, don’t get too crazy about the keywords. I’m serious. Tagging your blog with every single piece of information that is mentioned is not helpful. Instead think of the key topics that are introduced in the blog post and tag the blog post with those instead so that the post can be cataloged accordingly and easier to find in a search.

Quality vs quantity: most of the content that makes it to the first page of Google has more than 2,000 words.  Focus on writing material that your readers will want to read, share, and revisit vs a blog post that’s purely written for the sake of a ranking.

Make sure your content addresses a need: listen to your audience in your blog posts, your social networks, and wherever you may be. Is there a specific question that’s being asked repeatedly? Turn that need into a blog post so that when he/she types that question into Google, your blog post pops up as the answer because chances are, others have that question too and if it’s addressed properly and tagged appropriately, it will get shared.

Get your content noticed and shared: what good is your content if no one sees it? Sure, it might get picked up with all those wonderful keywords, etc but it’ll get more mileage if you get it shared and circulated. Do your part to share your content and don’t be afraid to ask for a share especially if you’ve been good about sharing other people’s content. Chances are they’ll be happy to assist you if you’ve already been reciprocating on your own.

Don’t be afraid of Google+: Believe it or not, Google+ can help you and it’s not the graveyard that everyone thinks it is. Hooray! It’s built by Google, it’s a rich source of Google goodness, and it’s a powerful tool for all your content. As it grows even bigger, it’s starting to have a huge impact on SEO and how your content ranks. Setup your Google+ profile, obtain AuthorRank, and start the Google+ goodness.

Got any success stories with ranking on Google or being on Google+? Share the knowledge in the comments below.


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