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Vine Marketing: How to Use Your 6 Seconds

Can you sum up yourself, your company, your brand, or your product in six seconds? Vine is an innovative new site and marketers are jumping on board to advertise businesses and products on it. The problem is that many don’t understand Vine and what it is meant for. If you don’t understand or fit in, you are going to be left out at the very best, and you could even damage the reputation of your company.

Rather than backing away from Vine, look at it as an opportunity to prove that you are an innovative, adaptable company and you can work with the current trends. You have six seconds to shine, so how will you use them? Here are some tips on marketing on Vine.

Know the limitations.
One of the fun and challenging aspects of Vine is that you are limited to recording directly on Vine. You can’t import videos, which means you can’t do post-processing or import recorded clips. Everything has to be live and in the moment. You can record video either in one continuous shots or as many segments as you want.

Plan your Vine first.
Before you record, plan out what you’re going to do. Six seconds isn’t very long if you’re panning to show a view of a room, if someone is performing, or if you need multiple segments. If you plan to record in one continuous shot, rehearse beforehand and practice framing. Make sure the camera has time to adjust the focus and exposure.

Storyboard anything complicated.
If you’re trying to make a clever clip of one-second shots, you should storyboard it. Create a storyboard with each shot, noting details about the framing, positioning, purpose of the shot, and so on. Make sure you don’t include more than five segments at most, preferably four, or you will overwhelm people – the limit should be lower if the clips are visually complex.

Get a tripod before you shoot.
Shooting video from an iPhone while walking or talking can be shaky. Make sure your camera is steady by using a tripod or at least a stable object so you don’t nauseate your potential customers! Even if you decide to do a handheld technique, keep the camera still unless you’re deliberately aiming for a shaky effect and you have carefully planned it.

Publish Vine content elsewhere.
Don’t focus only on the Vine community when you publish something. Make sure you’re linking to it on your other social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter. The Vine community will come later, but if you rely on them for views at first, you may be disappointed. Make sure you include relevant hashtags or location data, but don’t count on them.

Publishing on Vine is a unique and fascinating experience for businesses. The platform offers challenges that are just as fun to overcome as those found in any other social network, and if you’re willing to put the extra effort into creating your content, it can pay off with views and engaged customers.

Providing unique and engaging content is important for anyone wanting to be successful on social media. Find out more on the types of shareable content by downloading our guide on Social Engagement.


Author bio: Pamela Ramos enjoys sharing her extensive website marketing experiences through blogging. Her articles mainly appear on business marketing blogs. Visit the Success Stories link for more ideas.

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