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Brand Evangelists [VIDEO]

In today’s world, word of mouth creates trust in brands more effectively than any other marketing method. Brands who have evangelical supporters develop third party validation and are more likely to be trusted sources. In turn, the opinions of colleagues, friends and family members may matter more than any strong advertising campaign.

Cultivating and encouraging brand evangelism has become a critical task for companies of all sizes. Author Seth Godin, Author Rohit Bhargava, Strategist Alan Rosenblatt, Edelman Chicago Digital Lead David Armano and Author Dorie Clark discuss this trending topic. Please find the entire transcript of “Brand Evangelists” below!

Over the course of a few months, Vocus interviewed more than two dozen experts and influencers on the State of Marketing. Our efforts produced nine short videos that we’re releasing over the next couple of months in a thought leadership video series. Watch them all here.

Seth Godin – “If you’re my age and you think about how you found out about Pop-o-Matic and how you found about Whammo and Dunkin Donuts, all the brands you grew up with – you found out about them directly from the person who made them – they made up an ad and put it in front of you. Now if you think about Amazon, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, all the things you interact with today – you didn’t hear about any of them from the person who made them, you heard about it from someone else. And that restaurant that’s your favorite, you didn’t hear about it from the restaurant, you heard it from someone else. Ideas that spread, win.”

Rohit Bhargava – “One level of evangelist is someone goes up to them and says ‘I heard you bought this, do you like it?’ And they say yes or no. That’s one level. The next level which is really what we want is when that person who bought our thing goes up to someone and says, ‘You didn’t ask me, but, I just bought this thing and I have to tell you about it, it’s so cool. You really have to think about buying it. You might not even be in the market for it, but if you’re not, tell your sister, tell your brother, tell someone else, because it’s so awesome I can’t even stop talking about it.’”

Alan Rosenblatt – “The satisfied customer will come back and buy your stuff but if they find a better price they might jump. A loyal customer will not only stick with you, but tell everybody else to come buy your product as well or join your organization. But moving from a satisfied customer or satisfied supporter to a loyal or evangelical supporter is really the key because what they do is they take everything that you do and put that message out to their networks as a trusted third party validator. And people trust people like themselves much more than they trust any institution, be it non-profit, government, media or business so the more people you get to carry your water, the better.”

David Armano – “You want to make sure that you’re constantly feeding those individuals the right kind of content, it’s sort of 101 for brand advocate relationships. You want to make sure you’re closely aligned with your most connected, your most powerful and most embedded brand advocates because they speak for you.”

Dorie Clark – “When there’s a cacophony of noise out there, people go back to the familiar things and the people they trust – their friends and colleagues. They want to take recommendations from people who have their best interests at heart. And so, if you can create a powerful product, and incentive for people to want to come to you, the recommendations will spur your business in ways that no amount of push marketing can do.”

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