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What is Marketing Success? [Video]

We often hear about ROI and marketing success but what does that mean? Is it pure and simple numbers? Is it finding opportunity? Strong integration? Or does it mean making your brand a positive force versus a net negative impact on society?

In our seventh State of Marketing video, luminaries answered these questions and more – including Penton Media’s George Assimakopoulos, MSL Global Social Media Leader Stephanie Agresta, IEEE President Karen Bartleson, Author Peter Shankman, Author C.C. Chapman, 3M Social Media Leader Gregory Gerik, Author Geoff Livingston and Author Seth Godin. See their thoughts in this video or below in the transcript.

Over the course of a few months, Vocus interviewed more than two dozen experts and influencers on the State of Marketing. Our efforts produced nine short videos that we’re releasing over the next couple of months in a thought leadership video series. You can now see all State of Marketing videos released to date here.

George Assimakopoulos: “To me, marketing success is somebody who takes the time to understand what the data is telling them about their audiences so that they can understand where is the best opportunity to reach out to them.”

Stephanie Agresta: “Successful marketing is going to be about integration. Making sure that we really operate in a channel agnostic fashion and create great stories that are geared toward the right consumer that are at the center.”

Karen Bartleson: “Marketing success to me means that I keep a customer loyal, even if my product might have a flaw here and there – they’re able to forgive me because I’ve been interacting and marketing to them. And it also means that when they are expanding their operations, they will think of my company first simply because they trusted me and my marketing activities all along.”

Peter Shankman: “Marketing success is spending a dollar and making two. And it sounds very simplistic but it’s not. However your audience believes in you and wants to spend their hard earned money with you, that’s success.”

C.C. Chapman: “Marketing success is the fact that you’re spending your dollars wise enough that you’re making the profit you want, you’re selling your products or your service and you continue to have that success enough that you keep getting your budget every year and you’re spending it more, but that you’re spending your money wisely and getting your returns. That’s not always a checkbox, or in the reviews – it’s that you’re still in business at the end of the day.”

Greg Gerik: “Marketing success to me, is when it’s not marketing. That it’s so seamless and so subtle, that someone else is telling your story for you. So that they’re enabling people to tell their story for them, without having to do much of anything. And that subtle difference in being there for your customers is the best way that you can approach marketing.”

Geoff Livingston: “Marketing success to me is measuring achievable outcomes where that’s hard ROI or outcomes like brand awareness and perception. And in today’s internet world we can literally measure by the hour if we need to. So, welcome to the world of polling.”

Seth Godin: “For me, personally success is, did you matter? Would we miss you if you were gone? Because if you’re doing something that matters, that’s part of our community, part of our society that we would miss, then do it more, do it louder, do it more often.

“But if all you’re doing is taking a resource, spinning it around and turning it around into cash over and over and over again for some anonymous person, I don’t need you to do that. And what we are discovering is that society is saying guess what – marketing isn’t welcome here if it’s that kind of marketing. If you are a net negative, we’d rather have you leave the building.”

Like this video? Watch the whole series here.

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