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Busting the Facebook “Add to Interest Lists” Myth

Uh oh. No one is liking the posts on your page so guess what? Facebook must be to blame. Maybe they made some new changes. Or maybe there’s some other excuse.

Chances are you’ve seen this message floating around one too many times in your news feed than any other content from all the pages you’ve liked:

Facebook is at it again! Attention fans: as you may have heard, Facebook has made some changes to fan pages recently, including requiring us to pay if we want our updates to be seen by our followers. If we don’t pay to promote our posts, only about 10% of you will receive them in your news feed.

If you’d like to continue to enjoy our updates through Facebook, make sure to add us to your “Interest Lists.”

If you’re thinking about doing the same, please don’t. Especially not the first paragraph. It all comes off as whiny and the the message is filled with holes. If you’re copying and pasting with no knowledge as to how Facebook works (or choose to stay ignorant), your page will get unliked vs being added to any list.

Instead of complaining to your fans, you need to realize that they just don’t care. What they don’t care about are your problems. They stick around as fans because they enjoy your content. The minute you start whining, you are no longer providing value. So remember that. If your reach is down, don’t play the blame game. It’s not Facebook’s fault your content is being seen, it’s actually yours. That’s kind of a shocker isn’t it? Not really.

First and foremost, your fans like 150 or more pages. Your content is mixed up amongst all those pages as well as anything posted by their friends. You’re in the mix but you might not be at the very top of that mix.

Secondly, Facebook is a free service. No one is forcing anyone to pay to promote posts. Facebook certainty gives you the opportunity to promote a post, advertise your page, and all that goodness but you really have to understand how Facebook ads work to leverage that kind of marketing and get the most value for your ad dollars.

Last but certainly not least, your Facebook page is part of a lovely algorithm called EdgeRank. This is the bad guy you need to pay attention to when it comes to your content, how it ranks, and how it’s doing.  How often do you look at your Facebook insights to see how well your posts are doing? It also wouldn’t hurt to have a friend or trusted brand manager take a look at your page and assess your post content.

Bonus: adding a page to an Interest list creates a sub news feed and isn’t exactly the advice you should be giving to your fan base. The page gets added to a list and might disappear from the normal news feed forcing your audience to check a separate news feed that they created just for you. Do you really want to add that burden to your fans? Especially since most users browse from a mobile phone vs a desktop computer.

To stay top of mind in news feeds, focus on engagement, content, and providing value to your fan base.

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