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How Blogging Boosts Your Brand and Increases Sales

With nearly 50 percent of the world’s Internet users connecting on Facebook, Business 2 Community reports, it’s no secret social media plays a big part in today’s networking game. And it’s not just for young ‘uns anymore. In 2013, users ages 55 to 64 more than doubled on Google+, Facebook and Twitter. With a rise in new users, social media and blogs now offer businesses new opportunities to promote and define their image. Read on to learn how industry leaders are harnessing social media’s marketing power to enhance their brands and create meaningful momentum in their favor:

Blogging: beyond the basics

One social media strategy reaping big business rewards is blogging. Blogging drives customers to your product, increases sales, and allows new advertising income for your business.

But blogs can do so much more than that. One prime example is the digital marketing blog from iAquire, which provides readers with cutting-edge strategy to help businesses improve their marketing tactics. Topics such as “How to Optimize Your Mobile App for Search” provide the tools to help even the wariest of app rookies succeed, while blogs such as “5 Reasons a Distinctive Brand Voice Matters” provide useful, relevant advice readers can put into action immediately. By providing trend-savvy, solutions-based blogs for business owners, iAquire reinforces its presence as an accessible and user-friendly marketing authority that can help businesses stay ahead of the game.

What’s in a name?

IAcquire’s blogs pull double-duty by also working to define and personalize the company’s brand. Unlike some companies, who post as a faceless entity, each of iAquire’s blogs is noticeably tagged with the name and thumbnail portrait of its author. One click on the thumbnail takes readers right to each author’s bio.

According to the Marketing Resource Group, these kinds of personal touches enhance client experience. By putting a name to the face, clients are more likely to enjoy interacting with a company and are more likely to recommend the business to their friends. That’s good news for businesses that like, well, more business.

But if you think those bios are just a pretty face, think again. They’re also reinforcing iAquire’s role as an industry leader. That’s because each bio showcases how the authors are connected to social media, which assures readers the blogs are written by people who are personally engaged in the topics they’re discussing. The message is clear: you’re hearing from the people who know. And the fact each thumbnail portrait reveals a young, hip professional doesn’t hurt, either.

Blogging as community outreach

Another company you may have heard of, Google, is also using its social media presence to beef up its industry image. Google uses its blog to underscore its identity as a company interested in outreach and creative development. For example, one recent Google blog announces the results of Google’s Science Fair, an event open to the best and brightest teenage inventors. Awards went to contestants who developed better ambulance alert systems, battery-less flashlights, and new leads in flu vaccinations.

By hosting and judging the event, Google simultaneously supports, and serves as an ideal platform for, the best and brightest up-and-comers in innovation. And how do they let everyone know about their esteemed position? By blogging about it, of course.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it

Google also uses its blog to showcase and create interest in its own projects. Take, for instance, the Comparative Constitutions Project, a Google-backed initiative responsible for Constitute, a search engine for all existing constitutions. Never heard of it? How about the blog that talks about Google’s purchase of an Oklahoma farm’s output as an attempt to power Google operations with 100 percent renewable energy? Didn’t know about that one, either? These kind of blogs give Google an opportunity to promote its lesser-known projects, which solidifies its reputation as a far-reaching influential entity. Oh, and it also is branding itself as a socially and environmentally conscious company. Not too shabby for a single, casually written blog.

Speaking of casual, that’s another trick Google’s perfected. Its blogs are polished, no doubt, but they’re written in layman’s terms. There’s no challenging vocabulary requiring insider knowledge here. Despite the potentially exclusive topics covered, such as punk band The Clash and behind the scenes looks at complex digital projects, the blog stays user-friendly by writing in a simple and direct fashion. The writers, who identify themselves and their Google affiliation at the end of their blogs, are careful to deliver the information in a way that appeals to a wide audience. By doing so, they’re keeping an eye not only on their readers, but on their content’s shareability.

Going viral

Smart social media creators know devising content is only the beginning. After that, it’s all about the ripple effect — or, in Internet terms, the Retweet or Facebook share. Once you put an interesting, helpful or inspiring thing on the Internet, you’d better believe it will be shared. The Huffington Post reports 80 percent of pins on Pinterest are repins. The same source says Google’s “+1” button is used five million times a day, and pages using the “+1” button increase traffic by 350 percent.

No doubt those figures work wonders for new businesses trying to drum up traffic to their blogs. Just make sure when the traffic comes, you’ve got a hard-working, thoughtfully crafted blog to receive them.

Creative Commons image by mkhmarketing

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