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Managing Your Mobile Obsession

This post was written for the Viralheat Blogathon on August 1, 2013. In the coming weeks, we will be featuring some of the Blogathon’s submissions on this blog.

Working in the middle of Silicon Valley, it’s shocking to hear people brag about not having a smartphone. They cite being more present than those of us with our mobile devices attached to the hip, and I get it. As a social media manager who jumps at every Twitter notification, I understand the withdrawal of being iPhone-free. But, I think, it’s gone too far when I’m at a wedding and everyone is more preoccupied posting a selfie rather than embarrassing themselves doing the macarena with me and the bride and groom.

Here’s how to stay up-to-date with your social networks while not ignoring Bobby at his 2nd birthday party:

Remember, it can wait.
Learn to love the hashtag #latergram. No one cares if you post the gorgeous pic you took from the beach in your bunny slippers on your couch. Be in the moment and share the pic later.

Studies show that multitasking is nearly impossible, so you’re really missing out by posting instead of being in the moment.

Use a tool to supplement
Use tools like Ifttt and EasilyDo to minimize the amount of time you spent on your social networks, while still getting all the dirt you crave.

Set up a recipe with Ifttt so that every time you take a picture with your iPhone, it’ll post to Facebook. There’s no harm in taking pictures, but this’ll save you the time of posting while you’re in the middle of enjoying a moment.

You can also use EasilyDo to cut down on the amount of time spent on Facebook weeding through the one thousandth baby picture. The app scans for the most important posts so you can see what’s important to you, faster.

Set boundaries
There’s a time and a place for checking your Twitter feed. Waiting for your friend at coffee? Bust out that cell phone! What is the harm in catching up when no one is waiting on you.

Calm Down
Stop jumping at every notification. The world won’t stop just because someone posted a picture of you and you can’t look at it immediately.

Even with all of these suggestions, I’m the biggest fan of social media and it’s ability to also connect us with the people we do not always stay in touch with as much as we’d like. I know for a fact my out-of-state family loves to see my latest adventures laid out on Facebook and it really does keep us close. Boundaries are necessary in any relationship and there’s no difference with our relationship with social media. I’m working on having an after-hours romance with my social accounts and I’ve found a really am more present— just don’t ask me to give up my iPhone.

So I say that you create a Pinterest board for your next family BBQ and invite that crafty aunt of yours to pin to it, too. The two of you can bond over the experience of replicating that ridiculous pig in mud cake. Take some pictures to share, too. Just remember to #latergram it so you can fully enjoy your family time fun.

Author bio: Kristin Roberson is the Social Media Manager at EasilyDo.

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