LinkedIn for Business: Pros And Cons You Should Be Aware Of

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LinkedIn is one of today’s biggest social networks but it’s not exactly what you might call “strictly social.” LinkedIn provides a great deal of exposure to businesses and can help find new partners, business opportunities, or employees. Some might even call LinkedIn a social network for business as its used mainly for “professional networking.” As a social platform, LinkedIn incorporates many social aspects, but its main focus is the business world. As a result, many small business owners join LinkedIn with the hopes of expanding their ventures and creating new connections that might prove beneficial. But like most things, LinkedIn has its pros and cons.


The first, most obvious benefit from using LinkedIn comes from the algorithmic realm of SEO (search engine optimization). It’s yet another avenue that search engines use to bring businesses in search query results. It’s the perfect tool to give a business more exposure while also allowing it to expose the most crucial parts of its business – the mission, the background, the members of the team, etc. Increased SEO exposure leads to increased web traffic which, in turn, leads to an increased conversion rate.

LinkedIn is also a great way to stay up-to-date with the news from your industry or field of interest. This is a major benefit it keeps you in the current loop, indicates upcoming trends or big ideas, and provides a ripe stomping ground for sharing experiences and advice among experts surrounding topics that are important to the business. These easily accessible resources are invaluable to a company, particularly smaller ones, due to its low cost and high beneficial value.

LinkedIn is also a great asset because of the amount of information it gives about a particular company or business.  Similar to Facebook, LinkedIn will tell you all the major data you need to know about a company as well as give you the professional profiles of the individuals associated with the business – from employees to investors.  Access to this type of specific data and information allows users to easily find potential partners or recruit new employees, saving you a lot of time, energy, and resources.

LinkedIn Answer also gives users the chance to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in their respective field to establish themselves as credible experts with vast knowledge and expertise.  In turn, this is beneficial for LinkedIn users as it positions them as experts and boost the company’s credibility.


When looking at LinkedIn, it’s also important to be aware of and acknowledge its cons. One of the major negatives is the way users use LinkedIn as an advertising megaphone via SPAM so brace yourself for the slew of SPAM coming your way.

Once established, LinkedIn is a major timesaver.  But in the beginning, it requires a lot of personal time and work to get your connections flowing and conversations started. Users need to constantly ask others to be introduced to companies and individuals they are interested in connecting with, which can be cumbersome at times. Always keep in mind that LinkedIn is a platform for connections and conversations so approach these tasks with the outcome of building a business relationship in mind.  This task can be sidestepped with the paid version of LinkedIn, but that might not be an option for smaller companies with a limited budget.

Overall, LinkedIn is a solid platform for businesses and individuals.  If you are just getting started, keep these pros and cons in mind.  If you do, your relationship and experience with LinkedIn will prove beneficial.

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