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How to Be an Awesome Social Media Manager

There’s a common misconception when it comes to the role of social media manager and that is that everyone thinks it’s an easy job. “You’re on Facebook and Twitter all day. What could be so hard about that?” For those of you that only use social media to catch up with friends, post the latest photo of your cat napping, or a daily Instagram feed of your lunch, it’s pretty simple to see why you would think that way. How could any of this be considered a “job” and how could someone like me see you as my target audience? Mind boggling, right?

According to a recent report by HubSpot, 70% of business to consumer marketers acquire customers through Facebook. That’s right. You. The one who’s posting photos, browsing news feeds, and sitting idle on Facebook while we wait and watch your every move to see how we can market to you. Marketing via social media requires a great deal of skill and technically savvy, awareness of business strategy, excellent writing skills, and the ability to communicate effectively and with empathy. An all-around social media manager possesses these skills and more so let’s dig into what makes a great social media manager and how to tell if you are one.

You don’t call yourself a guru, an expert, or any other lame title: if you see anyone calling themselves a guru, toss out their resume because they’re not. A real social media manager understands that this is a serious job role and it’s ever evolving so there are no experts. You don’t see the VP of sales with an expert title so why would you have one? You’re not special. You’re a manager. Plain and simple.

Know your brand: Working for a company and managing their social media? Great. Make sure you take some time to study the brand you’re working for, the target audience, what they sell, what their social media goals are, and where you fit in. How can you help them? A good social media manager always figures out what the goals are and strives to achieve them.

Buzz, buzz, buzz: What’s the buzz about your brand? Do you have alerts set up about your brand? Are you collecting social sentiment? Are you scanning the headlines to see if there’s any news?

Knowledge is power: A good social media manager knows that their job is constantly changing and they love that. They love learning more, they love knowing what Facebook or Twitter might come up with next. They might tell you they hate change but secretly they’re always scanning headlines to see what’s out there and how they can adapt.

Are you a social media manager? What skills have you used to be the best at your job? Let us know in the comments below.

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