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How to Grow Your Audience Through Social Media

Some businesses have an engaged and captive audience and, as a result, a thriving social media presence. Yet there are still many companies who don’t, especially in the B2B industry. Thankfully social media gives B2B bloggers, writers, and industry experts the tools to help boost interest in their brand.

The truly difficult aspect of social media is knowing how to use the various platforms to target different audiences. Here are some methods to gain viewership across the different social networks.


If you have a company blog, you should also have a Google+ account. Make sure the footer on your webpage has your company name, address and phone number, and include that information on your Google+ account as well. Not only is this beneficial for search engine optimization, but the two will be associated in search results. Put your blog article on your Google+ account and link it to the author’s name. You can do this by simply changing the URL to an author tag so all the articles on the company blog will link back to the Google+ account.

When viewing your Google+ profile, the URL will look like this:

Simply delete the tail end and add a ‘rel=author’ tag, as shown below:

You should also engage with professionals in your industry through circles. Create circles for customers, partners, staff, and industry leaders to segment your audience. Share blog articles with relevant circles and post updates with links to draw your audience’s attention. Include your website and blog in the introduction sections. As a rule, make your blog visible and easily accessible.

Remember, circles are not communities. Communities are online groups based on interest, which can be a great tool for networking. Search in communities for specific subjects you’re interested in. Interact with community members through comments and share content so you can start establishing yourself within these groups. Becoming an authority is key, so engage with users often. Write summaries, share an interesting fact or statistic, and make good use of hashtags. Pose a question at the end of a post to kick-start a dialogue.


Attracting attention to your B2B blog can be difficult. A great method to build an engaged audience base is to engage with clients in your network. Reach out to people who support your product by inviting them to write a guest post for your blog. Then encourage them to promote across their social media channels. It’s a win-win; you get great content and the client gets exposure.


Keep in mind; what works on one social network doesn’t necessarily work on others. It can be hard to build a presence with just B2B blogging.  For Twitter: post a photo, quote, or interesting piece of information whenever possible. Keep your Twitter account active, and share industry news, facts, and related information. Never post just a headline – go deeper. Make sure you use hashtags responsibly, and don’t shy away from sharing other content as it could be shared with a much larger network. Twitter feeds move quickly so post new tweets throughout the day, or schedule tweets so they are periodically released.


Facebook can be hard to generate interest for B2B businesses. To drive engagement share new products, offer promotions and savings as ‘Facebook exclusives’, and (of course) share your blog posts. If you receive questions or comments on your Facebook page, respond to them quickly, thoroughly, and professionally. Never use your company page to engage in personal discussion.

Decide the Audience You Want to Target.

Outreach through blogs and social networks may draw different audiences. You need to target your clients and customer base throughout each network. You can do this in a number of ways: mention news that will affect them, discuss events happening in their region, and post unique content.

For example, if you are trying to grow your business in New York, talk about how industry developments will affect people there. When you are sharing this content, especially on sites like Google+, post to a circle consisting of customers from New York and add #NewYork to the copy.

Share articles with others in your industry for more exposure. Use keywords to optimize your SEO and make your content easier for users to find.

In Conclusion

Building an audience won’t happen overnight. It takes energy, time, and effort. If you allow your blog, website, or social media to become stagnant you will lose your audience quickly, so post regularly. Keep in mind; if you’re updating your blog regularly with poor, boring or low quality content, you won’t draw readers either. But with true dedication, you can steadily grow your viewership and gain an engaged and interested audience. Use these tips in your web-marketing strategy and watch your social platforms flourish.


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