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Keep America green by recycling in November

When: Nov.  15

What: We encounter recycled products everywhere, whether they are as creative as a wallet made from an old tire, or as mundane as a pizza box made of recycled cardboard. Find new ways to engage with and encourage recycling this Nov. 15 on America Recycles Day.

Background: America Recycles Day was formed by Keep America Beautiful, which serves to bring public and private interests together in order to promote recycling at schools, workplaces and communities. Every year around this time, event organizers attempt to spread awareness through events across the country.

Story Pitch: A number of businesses and organizations can take advantage of this event. Waste management companies can consider partnering with community groups to expand awareness of recycling centers by offering tours and showcasing the availability of recycling bins. Recycling drives and events can also be organized at schools and workplaces to spread knowledge about recycling issues like careers in the field, appropriate material for recycling and simple ways to recycle at work and home. Schools and environmental groups can also use this as a chance to raise money by gathering recyclable materials and redeeming them at recycling centers. This may encourage children, families and communities to recycle, while also helping to support organizations. Businesses that produce products from recycled goods can take this chance to showcase their production methods by highlighting how they get their materials and the steps they take to turn them into a product.

Story Hook: According to a Gallup Poll, although more than three in four people recycle and buy environmentally friendly products, the numbers of people going green have barely budged since 2000. What factors account for a lack of green progress in the last 13 years? Keep the following in mind when making your pitch:

  • What are common misconceptions about recycling?
  • If recycling isn’t readily available to someone, how can they get better access?
  • How can more complex items like computers and TVs be recycled?
  • How common is it for products to be produced from recycled items?

Tips: Be sure to provide contact information for the management of a recycling center or a company that makes products from recycled goods.


America Recycles Day
(202) 688-0604

Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers
(202) 316-3046

The Air & Waste Management Association
(412) 232-3444

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
(202) 272-0167

–Researched, compiled & written by Nicholas Testa
Event Dates  from CHASE’S Calendar of Events

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