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Celebrate where your TV and iPad got started in December

When: Dec. 20 and 23

What: Weather you’re reading this on a PC, smart phone or tablet computer, it’s all possible thank to two creations that are now more than 65 years old: the cathode ray tube (CRT) and transistor. Though every piece of technology is a culmination of inventions, be sure to celebrate  these two innovations and the industries they spawned. The patenting of the CRT is celebrated on Dec. 20 and the finalization of the transistor on Dec. 23.

Background: The CRT was patented by Vladimir Zworykin in 1938 and went on to be
used in everything from televisions to the study of psychophysics. In 1947, just less than a decade later, John Bardeen, William Shockley and Walter Brattain created transistors that amplified and switched electrical signals and allowed for smaller and cheaper modern electronics.

Story Pitch: Although the CRT is on its way out of the consumer market, its descendants in the television and display markets can certainly pitch around its creation. By focusing on the CRT, display manufacturers can highlight how far imaging has come with larger, cheaper and higher quality displays. The CRT is also still widely used in professional video, graphics and medicine, so companies that work in those crucial, but niche markets, will want to focus on their efforts to create slimmer CRTs that are durable and more affordable. How are you focusing on the needs of your specialized demographic? Transistors touch almost every aspect of modern technology, but are especially crucial to miniaturization. Combined, display technology and transistors are the future of mobile technology, so anyone involved with tablet computers, e-readers, smartphones and mobile technology can focus on what they’re doing to combine these two areas of technology to make future models smaller, more affordable and energy efficient.

Story Hook: Although some consumers now find CRTs only useful as recycled home decor, how are they still essential in other markets? Keep the following in mind when making your pitch:

  • Are LCDs working to meet the better color fidelity and contrast of CRTs?
  • What is the current leading edge in transistors and what markets will it effect?
  • What is the future of displays beyond even LCDs or CRTs?
  • What emerging technology fields are only possible due to newer transistors?

Tips: Provide contact information for medical and entertainment professionals who use CRTs and cutting edge displays, as well as experts in electrical engineering.


Advanced Medical Technology Association
(202) 783-8700

CTIA The Wireless Association
(202) 785-0081

Digital Video Professionals Association

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers|
(800) 678-4333

 –Researched, compiled & written by Nicholas Testa
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