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Social Media Strategy – Don’t Share These Things Online

I don’t know about you but my social news feeds are full of friends reaching news levels on Candy Crush Saga (or their frustration with a level they’re stuck on), their daily personal drama, what’s going on at their place of work, what they ate that day, or where they’re currently at or what they’re watching thanks to Foursquare and GetGlue. Some of it I don’t mind. The rest I couldn’t care less about.

Over the years, social networking platforms have made it easy to block unwanted updates from your friends but the overall concern here is your social reputation. It’s OK to have an exciting life of Candy Crush Saga updates and your latest Instagramed lunch but does the world really care? Probably not. Do you want to stay hidden in news feed? I’m guessing you don’t. So to protect your reputation, personal brand, your bank account, and your privacy you need to be very careful about what you write and post on your social networks.  When thinking of your personal social media strategy  (after all, you are your own brand), keep these things private:

Your Phone Number: OMG! Lost all my contacts! Here’s my number, message me and tell me who you are. Seriously? This is still happening to you. You haven’t learned to back up your contacts and your data? Don’t do this. Telemarketers scour the ‘net for phone numbers they can use to harass you with. Don’t feed the trolls.

Pictures of your credit card: Yes, it’s true. People actually do this. I know you’re happy that you’re officially an adult with a credit card that you’re responsible for but the whole world doesn’t need to see it. Don’t believe me. Just do a search on Instagram after you post that beautifully filtered photo of your lunch.

Photos of your kids: A few here and there are fine but don’t post photos of your kids at their favorite parks, at their school, and other places that make them vulnerable to kidnappers, pedophiles, etc. Also, don’t post embarrassing photos of your kids potty training, with food on their face, etc. These kids will grow up into adults one day and those photos will come back to haunt them. Save those photos for family albums and private moments only.

Your vacation plans and where you’re currently located: This should be a no brainer but sharing your location is an easy way for someone to stalk you or rob you. If you’re the mayor of your bank, your apartment complex, and your place of work, guess what? There’s a stalker out there waiting to come and get you. They know your patterns. Don’t check into these places.

What happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas: Don’t be tempted to post how drunk you got in Vegas, the clubs you went to, and other crazy activity. If you want to ruin your personal brand or perhaps get fired, this is the best way. There’s a reason why what happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas.

Here’s a list of other things you shouldn’t post on your networks:

  • Your Candy Crush Saga score (no one cares)
  • That you’re about to do laundry, take the kids to their game, etc (again, no cares about the details of your life and your errands)
  • Drama with your boyfriend/girlfriend, parents, boss, etc.
  • Financial information like how much money you have or don’t have
  • Revealing extreme views on race, religion, or politics
  • What you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day
  • Your daily schedule
  • Thoughts about a court case..when you’re on jury duty
  • That you just committed a crime and got away

Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments below and also if you’ve been guilty of any of the above.

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