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Turbo charge your approach to social media analysis

segmentationWhat are real insights? Let’s answer that question by answering what they aren’t. Real insights aren’t brand-level trendlines, or general metrics, or basic sentiment charts. They are calculated, methodical findings that result from segmentation. What do I mean by segmentation? Think of it this way: Your check engine light comes on in your car. That’s a top-level indicator that should prompt you to open the hood. It’s like a general trendline that shows a particular spike. You have no idea what that spike represents, you just know you should probably investigate. Opening the hood exposes the engine, but unless your car is spewing oil, chances are you’ll need to have further examination done to determine the issue. Data segmentation and true insight gathering follows this exact concept. Each part of the engine represents a segment of data, which must be analyzed further to identify the issue. By doing this, you compartmentalize your analysis, which enables you to identify the issue much more quickly, revealing an action that should be taken.

Let’s transition back to social analytics. Just like the analogy of the car, you can’t make decisions from data unless you have proper segmentation tools available. For instance, you’re a brand manager for a major CPG company and moms happen to be a target customer group for a certain line of frozen foods under your brand. First of all, it’s critically important that you understand how much of the overall content universe is coming from moms as opposed to other customer groups. Having this percentage will allow you to establish a baseline measure, which you can then use to quantify the relative size of trends you might find amongst moms talking about this specific product. Like examining an engine, you have to go deeper. Here’s where the real insights come in, and subsequently, where decisions can then be made from the data, which can impact ROI. What about moms? What drives their purchase decisions? How do you positively influence that purchase decision? What trends are you seeing in the data from this group? These are the types of questions that another layer of segmentation can answer. So how do you get to this second level of segmentation? After all, you might be struggling just to pinpoint the conversations coming from moms, let alone the identification of key trends amongst specific audiences.

Join us for our next webinar on November 20th and we will show you how to do it.

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