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Convergence of Social Media, Mobile Phones and Cloud Computing

There are a number of buzz words and expressions that we hear daily, expressions that somehow lose their meaning through its use. They get thin, like butter that has been spread over too much bread; they become meaningless expressions that are used mostly by people and groups with nothing to say. The three topics, constantly talked about by numerous tech blogs, news organizations, and almost everywhere else online, have been beaten to death: social, mobile, and the cloud. All three subjects, although infinitely belabored, are very important and the future of informational technology and interpersonal relations. Here is a breakdown of what they are, and how they all converge into something greater than the sum of its parts.

Mobile Phones

No one can deny that mobile phones have become an integral part of modern society. This is true for all parts of the world- even the most remote, lagging behind when it comes to technology. Mobile phones are simply too useful and too cheap not to become commonplace and essential. Some of us still remember times when mobile phones were not around, but for a number of generations, a world without mobile phones is inconceivable. As time goes on, the proliferation of handsets will end, and everyone will be connected to each other through their mobile phones.

Social Media

Social media has also become something that most of us are unable to avoid. Sure, there are people who aren’t active online and who maintain no social media presence, but they are definitely in the minority. Social media can be used by everyone and everything, from emergency services that want to notify the public quickly, to big brands that want to stay in touch with their clients, to celebrities who want to learn what their fans think first-hand. Connecting with others from a p2p level is made easier with the numerous social networks online.

Cloud Computing

The third is cloud computing- computing that happens using remote hardware. Thanks to increased bandwidth and connectivity capabilities, hardware becomes unimportant as you can use remote hardware for all your needs. Now, you can save all your information to servers online, allowing all your work, photos, videos and everything else to be accessed from anywhere. Humans are no longer bound to their laptops- they can have all their digital information accessed at anytime, from any place. Soon, the issue of not enough hard drive space will become obsolete, once again, thanks to cloud computing.

Putting it All Together

It is only a matter of time before these three concepts would converge completely. First, we have mobile phones that have become the primary hardware for accessing web and doing work that we used to do on personal computers. It is estimated that the majority of social media users access the media via mobile phones. Mobile phones and social media have been inseparable for years and cloud computing is beginning to make its appearance as a way to ensure that all the future advancements will not have to entail huge, ground-breaking and ultimately very expensive hardware upgrades. Cloud computing will keep all of these accessible to the average person. In the end, as each of these three subjects progress, being able to innovate, share and do almost anything can be done immediately from the palm of your hand. No longer will you be bound to a desk, or strung up by chords, you will have access to the worlds digital library of information, cheaply and easily.

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