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Get Rid of Social Media Guilt in the New Year

keyword_stuffingFor those of you who use social media regularly—whether for PR, marketing, or communications for whatever industry you’re in—there has probably been a point when you’ve felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of social media platforms that exist now. Maybe you’ve joined so many platforms you can’t remember what they all do, you’ve neglected to post updates in a long time, or you’ve just avoided signing up for anything new altogether. While keeping in-the-know of what’s new in the social space is a necessary part of the industry, it’s ok not to jump into every platform. Below are some tips to sorting through and organizing your social strategy, and getting rid of social media guilt.

Social isn’t about keeping up with the Jones’s
It seems like nearly every day the tech sites and blogs are reviewing and talking about a new social network. That’s their job. Just remember that it’s not your job to jump into every single one. Just because you read that a few business are using a new platform successfully doesn’t mean it will necessarily work for your brand. A good method is to start a placeholder account for platforms you think sound interesting, and then revisit them at a later date to see if they seem to be taking off. Do some research. After all, if your industry isn’t there, there’s no reason for you to be either. It’s social media, right?

Write down your goals 
Social media for business has a purpose. It may be used for customer service, engaging perspective clients, showing off company culture and/or amplifying marketing campaigns. And different platforms are better for different goals. While Twitter might be good for quickly responding to customer inquiries, LinkedIn might be better for thought leadership and networking. Making a quick list of goals along with corresponding platforms is a good way to weed out what might work and what you shouldn’t bother with.

If it’s not meant to be, let it go free
So maybe you got a little carried away and set up your organization too many networks to handle. Take a step back and evaluate where you’re getting the most engagement, look at metrics, and don’t be afraid to only continue to update the ones that are working for your brand. It’s good practice to own your name on social sites, but there’s no law saying you have to continue networking on those sites. Let them go! Shake off the guilt and go with what works best for you and your brand.

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Gina Joseph is a features writer for Cision Blog, and is also the digital engagement manager for Cision’s marketing department. She’s a book nerd, Detroit sports enthusiast, lover of cats, lifelong Phil Collins fan, and budding snowboarder. Find her on Twitter @gmg912.

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