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It’s resolution time – will yours succeed?

Three – two – one – HAPPY NEW YEAR!


…And with the new year comes the opportunity to do things differently. I love New Year’s and I love the idea of a time to reflect and start in a new direction. Do I always stick to my resolutions? Sometimes. I do have a few resolutions that I’ve adopted in years past that I still follow, but others have fallen by the wayside. Based on what I’ve seen on social media the last few days, I am definitely not alone.

The trend in resolution posting is fairly dramatic in build – we don’t see much until the few days before as we are getting close to the actual new year. For the past few years, we have seen that the buzz typically starts to build a bit and then we see the significant volume spike on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Maybe it’s social accountability– if I put it on Twitter, then I must live up to it, right? Maybe it’s also just good timing, and a lot of people post that this year they aren’t making any resolutions. Regardless of the specific focus, the volume for resolution-related posts really is driven by the clock and the calendar, and if this year is like the last few, the buzz around resolutions should quiet down within the next few days. We do still see some lingering buzz throughout the winter and into spring, as authors post to see who may still be sticking to theirs.

 Volume of “resolution” posts:


When you look at who is posting, it runs the gamut. We see a broad range of people across all social channels posting about their resolutions. With the increasing presence of businesses of all sizes on social channels, we do see that a fair amount of these posts are from business reaching out to folks who have resolutions about saving money, losing weight, dressing more stylishly, eating better, etc. Posting sincerely and honestly about resolutions can be a great tactic for successful engagement for businesses because you can be building a dialog based on that shared interest and subject matter. The key to building on that outreach is to continue to provide valuable content – maybe posts including how people feel about their goals, and ideas for getting started, etc. While they may not be around for long, resolutions often represent a need that the right business solution could help achieve.

What are people talking about this year regarding resolutions? We do see a fair amount of, “This year I’m not making any resolutions,” as well as posts about resolutions not working or lasting. Overwhelmingly though, people are posting about making changes. Over 15% of the posts I saw are about being healthier, eating better and losing weight, with one of the most actively used phrases being “eat healthy.” Over 7% of posts consisted of thoughts about smoking cessation, while making more money, saving money or “getting rich” were popular among 3% of authors posting. Other resolutions included becoming more organized and spending more time with friends and family.

As for achieving resolutions, well, that’s up to the person who made it. And as so many of the posters like to share, 80% of resolutions don’t last. But now more than ever, there are a LOT of tips and tricks being shared on how to make them a reality. One of the great posts I saw came from Tech Crunch, “How The Quantified Life Can Help You Achieve Your New Years Resolutions.” I really like the idea of applying sound business practices, including identifying your success metrics, to ensure success. That may be one of the best things about taking your New Year’s resolutions social – there is an entire world out there (literally!) to cheer you on and support you. Good luck!

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