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Tumblr Best Practices for Business

Marketers, content managers, and social media professionals need to constantly stay on top of what’s trending on social media. This can become a headache, as new social networks seem to spring up every year and only the savviest people are the ones who can quickly adopt these new networks into their marketing strategy. Yet, learning the ins and outs of new social networks takes time and lots of effort. Quickly gaining an understanding of how these new platforms work is key to staying up-to-date.

One network that has been getting a lot of attention recently is Tumblr, a popular micro-blog site with over 300 million active monthly users. Adding a presence here can give you tons of new eyes on your brand, if done correctly. Worried about the feat of learning and growing another social presence? Never fear! Your knowledge of other social networks can help you quickly get a handle on how to use Tumblr.


Post like Pinterest

Contributing content to Tumblr is very similar to Pinterest. Both sites are visual-centric where people will be much more likely to stop and look at something, rather than read something. As such, .gifs are wildly popular within the Tumblr community. Compelling content rules the platform and using dynamic visuals is a great way to get more likes and re-blogs from your audience. Remember to make sure your content is consistent; don’t jump around from different types of posts – if you’re funny, remain funny. This way, when people come across your content they will always be interested. You can tag your content to keep everything organized correctly for people searching for new content via the Tumblr search bar.


Tag like Twitter

Hash-tagging, made popular by Twitter, is a huge way users discover content on Tumblr. By tagging all of your content with hash-tags, your posts will show up easier in search. Try to find the most popular hashtags to add to your posts. If you don’t know them, here is a list of top tags to consider. This is a great way to build a following organically, without much effort on your end.


Think like Instagram

Remember that Tumblr posts should have mass appeal and engagement. You want people following you to enjoy your content, so remember to always market your material for a wide audience. This, of course, means no selfies. Lay off the self-indulgent posts or risk the possibility of losing precious followers.

Dynamic content and interesting posts will take you far. Consider: .gifs, quotes, questions and artwork to post across your wall. The more interesting content you publish, the better.


Promote like Facebook

Social media is a dialogue between the content creator and the community, so remember to engage with others as well as post. Read your feed and search for like-minded content. Re-blog, and ‘heart’ other people’s content to encourage them to reciprocate. This will build relationships with influencers as well as increase your following.

Link your other social profiles to your Tumblr. If you post a picture on other social networks, cross-promote it to Tumblr as well.


By leveraging your knowledge of other social networks, you can get your Tumblr presence up and running quickly.

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