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5 Event Tips for Bloggers


Photo courtesy of fashionfilesmag on Instagram

Bloggers, especially those who run their own sites, wear many hats–writer, marketer, SEO guru, the list goes on. But one of the more exciting tasks for a blogger is covering an event. Whether you’re lucky enough to travel far (Sochi, anyone?) or are just jetting out to a local gallery opening, events allow you time away from your desk and out into the world around you. Yet covering an event isn’t all fun and games–it takes work and planning to make sure things run smoothly. As founder and editor of FashionFiles online magazine, our own print media manager Anna Marevska will be attending London Fashion Week, and shared some tips and tricks she uses to cover fashion events year-round.

Pinch those pennies

Anna advises bloggers to plan and save in advance. Most bloggers are on a budget and have to use money out-of-pocket to cover travel expenses. “I cannot stress how important that is. Airfare and accommodations pile up, especially when traveling to expensive cities like New York or London,” she says. “I have an account that is specifically allocated for travel expenses. Also, try and find a buddy to share accommodations with, or stay at more unconventional places than hotels. Check out and see what I mean!”

Pack light

The great thing about blogging in 2014 is that you no longer have to carry around a camera, digital recorder, a cell phone, a notebook and a Filofax. Smartphones or tablets can pretty much do everything a blogger needs to cover an event. “I use my iPhone for everything–from recording interviews to snapping pics for Instagram, to social media. And my iPad primarily for the calendar, since I keep everything organized on it,” Marevska says. And don’t forget the chargers! Check out solar-powered mobile chargers for easy convenience.

Do your homework

Sure, you know the What, Where, When and Why of the event, but do some research to figure out how it will resonate with your readers. Marevska said she does quite a bit of research before attending an event. “I like to read what other coverage has been done before so I can find a different angle.” Google the presenters, check out the schedule, and get a feel for the people you definitely will want to talk to and the images you might want to get.

Make connections

Maybe you’ll already know some of the other bloggers or journalists who will be there, or maybe its a brand-new experience. Either way, be sure to do some networking. “I sort of go with the flow, to be honest,” Marevska says. “Sometimes it’s too busy to connect with others, but if there’s a special networking event I always attend so I can connect with fellow writers.” Everyone is there for the same thing, so start chatting about your favorite quote from one of the speakers, or your favorite moment so far. And be sure to connect on social media.

Do have fun!

You started your own blog to live by your own schedule and enjoy the work you do. Events offer an opportunity to try out some new food, check out new places, and learn about a different city or community. Marevska says, “The fun comes at the after parties! And when you have more than one to go to, well, it’s quite the adventure.”

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Gina Joseph is a features writer for Cision Blog, and is also the digital engagement manager for Cision’s marketing department. She’s a book nerd, Detroit sports enthusiast, lover of cats, lifelong Phil Collins fan, and budding snowboarder. Find her on Twitter @gmg912.

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