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General attitudes from journalists on social media

JournalistsonsocialmediapicIn our recently released annual Vocus State of the Media Report, we surveyed journalists regarding their relationship with social media. While the report features some of these responses, we couldn’t fit them all. As a result, inVocus is featuring replies from reporters across different media who answered the question: “Overall, what are your thoughts regarding social media and its role in traditional media?”

International online reporter, beauty, fashion, lifestyles and relationships

I think it is rapidly changing. As both a giver of information and a receiver of it, I’m totally overwhelmed, and it is taking up more and more of my time. I appreciate its power, and I also resent it.

Local newspaper reporter

[It] definitely is a way to connect better with readers. The danger is that news sources can also connect directly with readers, so the media has to make sure readers value our role as gatekeeper.

Local newspaper reporter, community news

It’s fast-moving and poorly sourced — making it hard for traditional journalists to keep up with and requiring staff to be “on call,” so to speak, 24 hours a day, which we cannot really pay adequately for. Because it is poorly sourced, digging deeply to prove something true costs time and resources.  Proving a story false is better because traditional journalists can prove their value in this way.

Local TV reporter, general assignment

It’s the fastest and most clear and concise way to communicate with an audience — weeds out the unimportant and filler information.

National online reporter, motorsports

It’s a catch-22. On one hand, it provides an excellent means for self-promotion when no one else will promote you. On the other hand, it turns anyone into a would-be journalist, and it makes becoming a trusted source harder because professional trust can be fickle on social media.

National magazine reporter, security

That’s just it; it’s no longer “traditional” media. It’s the media reaching people through social media tools.

National online reporter, national news

Social media is our reality. It is up to good journalists to sift through it to determine fact from fiction.

National magazine reporter, trucking

It can be a crutch for lazy reporters. Posting a 140-character Tweet is not the same as reporting a story.

National magazine reporter, tradeshow, exhibition and convention industry

Social media is great way to enhance the reach and depth of traditional media. While no one method is flawless, together the traditional and social media outlets create a more comprehensive community of readers and writers. Social media also facilitates the dissemination with proper credit simply by tagging the source.

National online reporter, oil/natural gas developments in western U.S.

I know it is important to a lot of folks, mostly under 30. Institutions and politicians, increasingly, are using social media, so it can’t be ignored. But I personally don’t need it in my work.

Regional TV reporter, general

It makes everything a lot more accessible, but it also makes it hard to keep up with what viewers want. We should be using social media more than we do, but our audience isn’t too thrifty with sites like that so, no harm.

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