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Sochi Olympics Viral Roundup

The Sochi 2014 Olympic games are underway, and it is becoming one of the most compelling and talked about events this year. For good reason, at the moment, America, the Netherlands, Canada and Norway hold the top positions and tensions are rising with each new competition.

The Internet is abuzz with talks of the goings on at Sochi. But, what is most interesting is the news off of the field, with many people shocked and amused by the haphazard planning Russia has had with preparing for Sochi.

#SochiProblems is quickly becoming a viral hash-tag on twitter. Many guests to the Olympics are noticing some interesting quirks about their living arrangements, toilets and news broadcasts surrounding this international event. Here is a breakdown of all the online flubs you may have missed.

The Double Toilet

toliet pic

The first (and most ridiculous) example is some of the bathrooms at Sochi. With two toilets in the restroom, the construction team forgot to build the separating wall, leading to some very silly photos. I hope this was a mistake and not some very eccentric custom Russians have that the world wasn’t aware of.


The upside: while I’m sure no one is actually using the bathroom two at a time, it does allow for a hilarious photo-op.


The Asterisk Ring

Sochi Olympics Opening Ceremony

One of the biggest blunders since the start of the games was the missing Olympic Ring. The traditional symbol of the games, during the opening ceremony one of the lights did not appear directly, forming an asterisk  where the 5th ring should have been. The Russian Olympic broadcasting team quickly cut to pre-recorded footage but not before everyone noticed this flub.


The upside: since this event occurred it has been parodied on multiple sites, including an advertisement by Audi.


Crazy Conditions

funny tweet

As eluded with the double toilet, the preparations for the massive influx of Olympic tourists were hasty at best. With many rooms still under construction as the Games began, others were treated to less-than-average accommodations. Other cited problems include: door-handles breaking off when turned, an electrical switchboard installed into the side of a shower, and outrageous prices for ‘seasonal fruits’ at local restaurants (read upwards of $70).

The upside: Russia may be trying to bring everyone together by making everyone miserable? (I know, I’m reaching on this one)


With so much going on in Sochi, I’m sure this is only the beginning of the fail worthy mistakes to come. Follow the #SochiProblems  across social networks to see more great tweets and images and keep rooting for USA!


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