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Why Selfies Should Be a Part of Your Marketing Plan

Believe it or not, the word “selfie” was named the Oxford dictionary international word of the year for 2013. The selfie – a self portrait photograph, typically taken with a smart phone or webcam and uploaded to a social media network (thanks Oxford) has turned into a social media phemonemon thanks to teens and celebrities.

Often seen as a positive form of self expression, the selfie is here to stay thanks to Instagram and other viral social networks. While selfies might not be popular forever, their current popularity says much for the photo sharing community and marketers should move quickly to tap into this trend before the next fad comes along.

Since it’s quick to shoot a selfie, more brands have taken advantage of the trend and you can too. And why not? How often have you seen someone pose with a product and pose with it for absolutely no reason but simply to say they love it or consider it a new favorite? What’s to stop these same people from doing this again?

Selfies from Valentine’s Day: Are you a chocolatier? A flower shop? A travel agency? Now’s a great time to host a selfie contest and ask fans to post with their loved ones and perhaps share why they deserve a box of chocolates, a dozen roses, and/or a getaway for the VDAY weekend.  Integrate all selfie friendly networks into the mix – Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Selfies to spread brand awareness: As mentioned above, people love sharing the products they like the most. Why not encourage fans or reward loyal fans with freebies? Turn the selfie into a mini review opportunity. Most networks, like the beloved Instagram and/or Vine, allow for 15 to 6 second videos that can be used as testimonials for your brand. Leverage these selfies for content and to learn more about your consumers.

The car selfie: We’ve all seen it. The awkward selfie with a seat belt across the shoulder and maybe some cool shades. If you’re a car company, use this selfie to allow your fans to share their love for your cars, a safety feature they like best, where they like driving to, who they like driving with, and why they bought your car.

The restaurant selfie: Another popular selfie is a photo of a person with some food item. If it’s not a selfie with food, it’s a photo of food. Either way, it’s something with food. Reward these selfies with a mention on your social networks, a testimonial for your food, a way to describe a menu item, promote your restaurant, give a tour of your restaurant, or highlight a new menu item.

Selfies are a quick marketing tool for all kinds of promotions and opportunities. What clever examples have you seen of selfies?

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