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Marketing Analytics – A Frank Discussion With Avinash Kaushik

Avinash Kaushik is getting ready to keynote day two of Demand Success this June 6. The web analytics pioneer remains at the forefront of the business in his many roles, including the Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google and the co-Founder of Market Motive, Inc.

Avinash Kaushik - Demand Success Keynote

As the content planner for Demand Success, I emailed Avinash a few questions to get his opinion on how things have changed. Enjoy a sneak preview of the event with Avinash’s answers.

GL: Have web analytics changed since your last book came out in 2009?

AK: Yes and no.

Some of the core fundamental challenges we struggled with then remain with us. The challenge of picking the best metrics (to incentivise right behavior by employees), the value of insanely focusing on segmentation and custom reporting, and the challenge of using frameworks like the Digital Marketing & Measurement Model to bring a close tie to business goals and execute at scale are all with us since those days.

Yes, in the sense that there was no serious social media at that time. That all by itself has had a deep impact on our marketing options (shift from shout marketing to conversation marketing) and likewise measurement strategies. Another great example is the massive impact of mobile on our lives. Huge impact on marketing, and even bigger impact on cross-device tracking and attribution.

GL: Has marketing automation re-prioritized the need for better analytics?

AK: Given the ever escalating complexity we have to deal with as Marketers, automation in many ways has come as a God send (and we are so early into even that). It has definitely made the need for better analytics more obvious.

But I have to admit that I think it makes really smart people even more important. Almost 10 years ago I’d coined the “10/90 rule for magnificent analytics success”…if you have a $100 budget to make smart decisions with data, spend $10 on tools and $90 on people!

GL: What is the number one tip you have for people confused about big data?

Marketing Automation - Quality Over QuantityAK: If the quantity of the data mattered, the human race would never make a sub-optimal decision. Quality of data matters. Your ability to ask smart questions matters even more.

GL: What is the biggest myth you see today in marketing?

AK: That we live in an “or” world. We are on a constant quest to figure out the magical one option that will solve our problem. Hence we are constantly trying to figure out if we should do TV or radio or Bing or newspapers or… Another sign of this, we are so enamored with flavors of the month. “Ohh… ohh… Social, social is so magical!” 🙂

The reality is that we live in an “and” world. TV and radio and Bing and newspapers and Google+ and…. so many things. But it does require a different mindset, it requires constant learning, it requires an agility in organization execution that is hard to get to. But it is necessary!

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Image: Rjgodoy (Creative Commons)

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