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Zendesk And Social – The New Customer Service

Customer service is an incredibly important part of a business strategy. We all remember when we’ve received bad customer service, whether at a restaurant or department store, and the feeling of being treated poorly by an employee can seriously tarnish the reputation of that business. When you have a problem with a product, often you will have to drive to the store you bought it from and ask a potentially unknowledgeable person to help you. Even at its most passive, people get incredibly frustrated navigating through annoying automated phone directories to solve their problems. With the advent of social media comes a new way for customers to voice their concerns. Now it’s simple to state a problem; just got to the companies Facebook wall or Twitter account and post your concern. Not only is this much more efficient, but you are assured a timely and decent response as the post is open to the public.

In this day and age, businesses should employ a hybrid of these 2 strategies, one of using technology as well as a human touch to help customers with their problems. This way, your customers will be satisfied with the ease of being heard and your company can turn upset users into satisfied customers.

A typical scenario plays out like this: you’re monitoring your social channels only to find that a person on Twitter is unsatisfied with your product. The tweet has gotten a few favorites and retweets, showing that other users support this opinion and that this user is an influencer with an engaged audience. This could potentially hurt your brand, allowing the spread of bad press.

So how do you handle this? Is it as simple as responding with an apology to their tweet? What if that just fuels the fire? Allowing the user and their followers to easily attack you for a lack of service.

Having a thought out social media response strategy should be something that your business should consider and implement. This is important for all businesses but especially for businesses that sell consumer products. When dealing with public opinion you should have a customer service team and an application that facilitates online customer service protocol. Incorporating Zendesk, a web-based customer service manager, with your social media management suite (such as Sprout Social or Viralheat) will help you take care of any customers voicing a concern.

With the integrations of Zendesk and social, you can monitor the social web to find anyone who is upset at your business. Then, you can then quickly flag the mention and send it over to Zendesk so that your support team can follow up with a plan of action. This way, you can be vigilant of any negative public outbursts as well as tactful and planned with your business’ response.

So take and alternative response to the example above: this time you flag the mention and send it to your customer service team. Rather than just replying directly to the negative mention, they privately message the user. Turning the public critique into a private conversation. That way, you can have a conversation that isn’t open to a larger audience. If the dialogue goes south, it will only been seen by one rather than all.

Having this type of response planned out for all types of social networks is necessary as your business evolves. Thus, having the ability to monitor all the different social channels and then effectively pass it off to your customer service team is necessary. Having an effective social management suite that incorporates these already can help cut down on response time; software like Hootsuite or Viralheat can easily monitor all the major networks for trouble and transfer it to the appropriate customer service rep.

Never deal with robots or disgruntled employees again! With Zendesk and social media, you will always be prepared to assist a customer with speed and tact.

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