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7 Tips for Communicating in a Dot Complicated World

Vocus adds to its impressive lineup of speakers at Demand Success 2014 with Randi Zuckerberg.

Zuckerberg, former Facebook marketing lead turned entrepreneur and author, will keynote at the conference and share insights from her New York Times Bestseller Dot Complicated. She will discuss how technology and social media influence, inform, and connect people’s lives online and off.

Randi Zuckerberg - Demand Success

Zuckerberg’s keynote highlights a dichotomy of today’s world: technology and social media can make life more efficient, but they can make it more complicated, too. The two pieces can improve communication, but they also can make communication more fragmented or simply add to the clutter already filling the online space.

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Marketers hoping to engage with their audience need to understand both sides of the equation. They need to use technology and social media to improve communication with their audience and, in so doing, produce quantifiable results. The question, of course, is how to do that.

1. Begin with the story. Without a story, it doesn’t matter what sort of marketing you do or content you develop. The story is the framework. It brings all the pieces together, and it’s what resonates with the audience.

2. Develop an audience profile. An audience is not a throng; it comprises individual people with individual needs and desires. Who are those people? What are their interests? When do they like to receive communications? Do they prefer email or text messages?

3. The device isn’t as important as you think. Yes, your website and content need to work on mobile devices. No, you don’t need to spend an inordinate amount of time figuring out what the specific devices your audience members use.

Your time is better spent figuring out when your audience asks questions and providing relevant and timely answers to those questions.

4. Cut through the clutter with visuals. People like images. So do marketers. Images activate emotional responses, which are the primary drivers in making any purchasing decision. Only robots think from a purely analytical mindset. Humans aren’t like that. Their emotions dictate their choices.

Dot Complicated - Randi Zuckerberg - Demand Success5. Give your audience a voice. You don’t have to do all the work. If you sell a product, you can capitalize on the content your audience creates or want them to create. Giving them a reason to join the conversation and engage with you will result in more satisfied fans and customers and a better sense of direction for future content and marketing campaigns.

6. Think multi-channel. Your audience is not only on Facebook or Twitter. Your audience is everywhere, which means you need to think about channels outside the mainstream ones. Is your audience 13 to 25 years old? Look for it on networks like Vine and Snapchat. If your audience is female and affluent, you’re more likely to find it on Pinterest.

7. Don’t segregate channels. That is, don’t let them operate on their own. The channels have to work together to create a full experience. The more channels you have, the more complicated the work gets.

To keep the pieces aligned with one another, you’ll want to invest in, at minimum, social listening tools. Your better option is marketing automation software that monitors all the channels from email to social media to content marketing.

Want to learn more about communicating in a digitally complicated world? Register today to attend Demand Success 2014 and hear from the Dot Complicated expert herself.

Image: Eirik Solheim (Creative Commons)

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