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Find Your Inner Freak for Marketing Success With Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan, author of The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth and Demand Success 2014 speaker, says the new business era belongs to those who rebel against the traditional cubicle and 9-5.

Chris Brogan - Demand Success

If that’s true, the new marketing era belongs to those same people – the ones who aren’t content with doing things the way they’ve always been done but instead desire to choose their own adventures and forge their own paths.

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The new marketing era is complex, making adventures and paths tortuous. It involves big data, new social technologies, mobile and visual media. It’s a complicated, messy digital world, but marketers who embrace it and let their inner marketing freaks out will enjoy marketing success.

Find your inner freak.

Everybody has an inner “freak.” It’s quirks and preferences, the things that make people unique. Marketing professionals need to find what makes them freaky and embrace it.

Face your fears.

Chris Brogan Demand Success - Marketing FreaksFinding the inner freak is the first step. Embracing it is the second. Doing so can produce fear; it’s difficult to set off on a path other than the one that is known or has been dictated by others. Most people want a set of instructions to follow. They become afraid when they have none.

In the marketing world, fear almost always is revealed by indecision. Nobody wants to implement a new course of action because it hasn’t been tried. Upper management cries “where’s the proof?” which leaves the marketing department stranded on a desert island of uncertainty. They have to take action in order to offer proof, but they haven’t been given clearance to take that action.

Run with your ideas.

Once the fears have been determined and faced, it’s time to run with an idea, which requires an ability to confront and withstand criticism and to conduct research. Just because the business in question hasn’t attempted a particular type of marketing tactic doesn’t mean other businesses haven’t. Social proof is available and can be used to sway stakeholders.

FroYo - Marketing FreakFor example, a small yogurt chain may be unconvinced that Instagram is a worthwhile marketing investment. The marketer can overcome those doubts by sharing successful examples of yogurt vendors that use the social network while at the same time providing a strategy that is “freaky,” i.e., unique to the chain.

Put ideas into practice.

The only way to know if a thing works is to test it. The Instagram idea has to be put in motion; benchmarks have to be set; and results have to be assessed. If the tactic fails, so be it. Failure is not the end of the world. It simply tells the marketer that an idea didn’t work. That doesn’t mean a different idea is beholden to the same fate. In fact, a failure with one tactic often reveals a tactic that will succeed.

To return to the yogurt chain example, the marketer may discover Instagram has the wrong demographic. The yogurt chain attracts a younger crowd, which means different networks may be of better use. The marketer runs a few tests with Vine and Snapchat and sees sales numbers rise. The data is presented to upper management, and new marketing campaigns involving Vine and Snapchat, both of which attract young adults, ensue.

Want to find marketing success by unleashing your inner freak? Learn how with Chris Brogan at Demand Success this June 5-6 in Washington, DC.

Image: Brian Wilkins, Shannon Little (Creative Commons)

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