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Welcome to the thunderdome, hugs for all


If you walk by my desk. you’ll immediately learn three things about me:

1)      I’m kind of a geek.

2)      I’m not that good at cleaning.

3)      My desk is cluttered with things that make me very happy.

In face, I spent this last weekend indulging in the things that make me very happy at this year’s Emerald City Comic Con. I’ve only ever been to my local con but it seems a common theme that cons are a safe place for you to go overboard with your fandom – Trekkers, Ringers, Whovians and Bronies alike unite at cons that encourage you to be you. In fact, Wil Wheaton was recently trending on Facebook after sharing a rather sweet piece of advice with a young question asker about dealing with bullies.

To exemplify the love fest further:

  • Two couples got engaged: One during Nichelle Nichol’s (Lt. Uhura – Star Trek Original Series) panel, the other in Michael Dorn’s (Lt Commander Worf – Star Trek The Next Generation) photo/autograph line.
  • Celebrity guests gave things away: Alan Tudyk (Wash – Firefly) gifted each question asker at his panel with an autographed something from his messenger bag of misfit scraps of paper.  These ranged from script pages to a boarding pass. Eliza Dushku (Faith – Buffy the Vampire Slayer) fed apricots to a few special question askers.
  • Most importantly, Eliza Dushku retweeted me. Fan girl squee!! 2

So with this kindness in our hearts, I thought, how better to celebrate everything cons represent than to conduct a hunger games of fandoms. 12 districts…I mean, fandoms, across all spectrums of the nerdosphere, enter the arena and compete against one another based on six metrics!

  • Overall volume
  • Expressed passion
  • Expressed intent to purchase stuff
  • Expressed intent to view stuff
  • Cosplay inspiration
  • And, the definitive identifier of a full blown fandom, prevalence of fan fiction

As a slight twist on these games, the fandoms will compete in pairs based on the most comparable rival:

  • Harry Potter vs Lord of the Rings
  • JJ Abrams vs Joss Whedon
  • World of Warcraft vs League of Legends
  • Mass Effect vs Diablo
  • DC Comics vs Marvel Comics
  • Star Trek vs Star Wars



Let’s kick things off with two of my favorite things ever: Harry Potter vs Lord of the Rings

The Background: Ringers celebrate six movies based on four books that include exclusive languages and characters with excellent hair. It’s basically one of the most beautiful franchises to ever exist. Potterheads are fans of eight movies based on seven books that include fancy, fantastical magic (sorry Gandalf). Both have inspired intended future vacations of mine, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida and basically all of New Zealand. The Fight: 


While the volumes around Harry Potter are much higher, within percentages, the passion between these two groups was very close, with Harry Potter edging out Lord of the Rings by only 2%.5

Cosplay was also a close race, because who wouldn’t want to be an elf who’s crazy good at all things battle and never breaks a sweat? I bet they even smell awesome, all of the time.


The Result: Ultimately, Potterheads prevailed – Sorry Ringers, you shall not pass.7

Round Two: JJ Abrams vs Joss Whedon

The Background: This round encompasses not just these titans of geek film and television, but also their creations. JJ Abrams is responsible for bringing us one of the most beloved television series with one of the most unloved endings: Lost.  He’s also responsible for making consistently cool, lens flare filled films that have earned the trust of fans, which is important as he now holds the future for both the Star Trek and Star Wars films. On the other hand, Joss Whedon brings a much desired balance of wit, character story and humor to the comic genre. He is responsible for the Avengers saga and as well as cult classics Firefly and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the show which inspired me to attend my first con. The Fight:


The volumes passion around JJ and Joss were very close, but the sentiment within the Whedonverse was a fair bit higher.


While JJ Abrams wins both of these categories, there was less than a 5% volume difference in the Intent to View categories. We all want to see everything these guys make.


The Result: Deservedly, we have a tie! Let’s all be friends.


Whew! That was a lot of information, and we’re not even halfway through this competition. Stay tuned for the results of our four remaining fights! AFK BRB

Take me to Part 2!

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