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3 Reasons Social Media is Brand Journalism

This is a guest post by Marie Alonso, content strategist and online marketing specialist at Miles Technologies.

Content curation has never been more meaningful to the communications and marketing engine of today’s businesses. Sure, content always mattered, but today social media platforms give it an immediacy that engages clients and prospects with everything from customer care messaging and brand inspiration to critical market observations and thought leadership.

Truly, social media platforms are digital newsrooms for businesses – if businesses recognize and realize the potential these social broadcasting centers command for powering brand journalism.

Why? Social media is all about engagement – enticing and inviting people to become followers and sharers of content in the hopes they will eventually become brand ambassadors. Brand journalism is all about content curation – videos, images, SlideShare, infographics, blogs, podcasts, articles and social updates – all fueling a comprehensive external communications engine that reinforces a brand’s identity. Brand journalism and social media are intertwined, working collaboratively to effectively communicate a brand’s message to a targeted audience.

For competitive businesses, brand journalism and social media cannot exist without one another and, in many ways, they are actually one in the same!

3 Reasons Social Media Is Brand Journalism

1.) Social Media Spreads The Word
Social media needs great content to be successful. Brand journalism is all about curating great content that is optimized to convey relevant information. Brand journalism leverages unique content to tell a company’s story over and over again, optimizing everything from original articles to robust blogs – all of which populate social shares. Without optimized content, conveying a company’s personality, goals, news, philosophies and market views, social media campaigns are shallow…even futile.

2.) Social Media Stays Current
Social media provides a platform for brand awareness and market leadership. Smart businesses today make creative use of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and any social platform flavor that speaks to a company’s communications goals. Timely brand journalism, leveraged on social platforms, delivers brand leadership. Just ask Oreo! Oreo has aggressively and creatively reimagined its messaging on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest over the past 24 months – to the tune of more than 400,000 Twitter followers and 36 million Facebook fans. With its fun hashtags and viral posts, there is always a dominant theme in Oreo’s social genius – the story of the Oreo. Consistently, the company captures attention with the look, feel, taste and fun of the Oreo cookie. It’s always about the Oreo! How did Oreo achieve social stardom? It was reactionary, timely and inventive – driving content that had a social relevance or connection to news of the day, as well as a sweet tie to all that is the story of Oreo.

3.) Social Media Loves The Story
Brand journalism is all about defining and creating effective ways to communicate a brand’s story to a key audience. Brand journalism is all about being entertaining, informative, educational and timely. Brand journalism leverages unique content to share a company’s story and give a company a personality. Guess what, social media does all the same things! Social media is built on the love of the story and the power of the brand. Without brand journalism, social media is devoid of substance, with no driving theme, no great story, no brand development. Interlaced, social media and brand journalism are one, meshed together for the love of the brand – and the story.

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Marie Alonso is a content strategist and online marketing specialist at Miles Technologies in Moorestown, N.J. A former newspaper reporter and technology editor, Alonso works with businesses to develop content marketing campaigns rich with brand journalism, creative social media and thought leadership content. Miles Technologies delivers online marketing, web development, custom software and managed IT services.

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