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From Patent-Pending to Patent-Approved: Sentiment Analysis and Lead Identification

From the beginning, our customers have come to us looking for new ways to find engage their target audience. Each time, we were able to offer something our competitors could not – patent-pending technology offering sentiment analysis and lead identification to help our clients meet and exceed their social media goals. Ready for the good news? Our patents have been approved so we’re happy to announce Viralheat’s PATENTED sentiment analysis and lead identification technology! Wait, what? What does that mean… in plain English? Allow me to break it down.

Sentiment Analysis – People talk on social channels nonstop. They say good things, they say bad things, and they say random things. For any business, regardless of size, it’s extremely important to isolate the positive from the negative. This is not to ignore the negative and focus on the positive or vice versa. Keeping track of the sentiment of conversations around your brand or products allows your team to keep an eye on how your customers and target audience is feeling. It’s the era of social media and we’ve all seen the kind of trouble caused when a negative social mention goes viral (US Airways Twitter debacle, anyone?).

At Viralheat we understand the power of social media. To avoid messy situations and highlight positive ones, it’s important to catch the message early on before it can even go viral to either do some damage control/prevention or help a great campaign get recognized. But when you have hundreds or even thousands of mentions per day/week/month, it’s exhausting to comb through them to identify the outliers.

The solution? Viralheat engineers developed a technology that monitors sentiment (the feeling behind a mention or post) and marks it as either positive, negative, or neutral based on the verbiage. Even more impressive, Viralheat’s technology is based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) – a process that allows users to change a particular mention’s sentiment so that over time the machine will learn what they consider positive, negative, or neutral. In a world where slang changes likes the color of the leaves in the fall, this feature helps make Viralheat’s sentiment analysis much more accurate than others out there. To top it off, Viralheat’s technology allows users to separate mentions by sentiment so you can quickly isolate the good and the bad and respond accordingly.

Lead Identification – At the end of the day, you want customers. And you want to find people who want or need your product and make them customers. But, like many situations in life, it’s a lot easier said that done.  Fortunately, there are companies like Viralheat that can help make identifying potential customers a much easier task. How, you ask?

Conversations are happening all over social media. Consumers are constantly telling the world what they want, need, hope for, etc. Smart marketers know that real-time is too late and the world is quickly catching on to the idea of predictive social analytics. Imagine that there was a way for you to predict buyer behavior and know which mentions on social media were coming from users with purchase intent – meaning users who are currently, almost, or will eventually be in the buying process for your product or service.

Viralheat’s engineers (the very same ones who brought the patented sentiment analysis technology) also developed a technology that identifies social mentions with purchase intent. If a consumer shows intent to buy based on the verbiage in his or her message, Viralheat will mark this mention as a lead. The same NLP technology can be used to change a mention to or from a lead, training the system as you go along and making it more accurate over time. And the icing on the cake? Viralheat can isolate these leads and export them to a CRM system like Salesforce to send directly to the sales team. The 800 mentions you had initially are now down to 32 very warm, manageable leads.


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Viralheat is extremely happy to go from patent-pending to patent-approved, as we now own the rights to these amazing technologies. And we’re happy to share them with our customers. As social continues to become a valuable part of the overall business strategy, we’re glad to be a part of your brand’s success. Remember, stay ahead of the game and don’t let one negative mention get away from you – it just might be the one to sink the ship. And make sure you don’t have another missed opportunity – there are so many out there, don’t let them slip from your fingers.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Viralheat’s patented sentiment analysis and lead identification technologies can help you exceed your business goals, drop us a line at support@viralheat.com.

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