How to Use Content to Reach Your Target Audience

Content creation is a crucial component of a PR professional’s job. Meaningful content like press releases, blog posts, bylines, ebooks and white papers offers PR practitioners a way to position themselves and their clients as go-to experts for their target audience.

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How can you use content to position yourself or your clients? Here are three ways:

1.  Keep the Content Coming.

Companies with an active blog generate, on average, about 67 percent more leads per month. Corporate blogs are not only a good source for social media fodder, but they also provide a platform for an organization to let its personality shine.

2.  Rework, Repurpose, Reposition.

Remember the presentation you gave last month? Reposition it, and submit it as a byline. What about the white paper your company just released? Pieces of it could be repurposed for social media. Don’t get stuck on one format – your original content can generate additional materials.

3.  SEO is an Important Piece of the Puzzle.

For the best results, SEO should be woven into every piece of content you create. It’s important to use appropriate industry keywords to help direct the right people to your content and, in turn, your products and/or services.
You work hard to produce content that reaches and engages your audience – why not make sure it hits its target? Create quality content and work it into your overall public relations strategy, and you will reach your target audience.


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