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LinkedIn for Business: What You Need

Of all the major social networks, LinkedIn is perhaps the most misunderstood, and most often ignored. Those who leverage LinkedIn properly can improve their company’s image, attract top talent, and cultivate a valuable base of followers. Below, we’ll help you learn more about what LinkedIn is, and how you can use it to its full potential.


Everyone has been to *that* party; the crowd is young, the house is trashed, the music is loud, and the beer is swill. You think to yourself “this is ridiculous, I’m too old for this…” And indeed, you are. For many businesses, trying to cater to the fun, frivolous nature of Facebook or Twitter can be an exercise in futility. With LinkedIn, you don’t have to be afraid to be formal and to the point. Two thirds of LinkedIn’s unique visitors are 35 or older, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find links articles about the 5 [blank]iest [blanks] and why you should totally [blank] them.

As you might know, Google has been placing increased emphasis on credibility when it comes to their SEO algorithms, and in their estimation, LinkedIn has plenty of credibility. There are plenty of articles about using LinkedIn for SEO optimization (here’s a good one), the good news is that most of the process is pretty self-explanatory. Fill out your profile descriptively, link to your blog… easy stuff. While the prevailing school of thought says that Google+ is the primary social network that can improve your SEO, it should pay off to make sure your LinkedIn page is SEO-friendly. The good news there is that many social media tools (hey, like Viralheat!) allow you to create content for both networks simultaneously. The types of content that you’d share on one network will generally be appropriate for the other, so utilize one of these tools to save yourself some time!

One of the ways that prospective clients, employees, partners, etc. will judge a business is by seeing if they’re hiring (and what they’re hiring for). If your business is healthy and growing, you should be using LinkedIn to show it! While advertising new positions on Twitter or Facebook might come off as a desperate move, only posting jobs on your company website might be too subtle. In addition to being the most appropriate network for posting career openings, LinkedIn also has great tools at hand to put you in touch with top talent.

While LinkedIn can be a powerful marketing tool, marketers should keep in mind what it’s for. Like we mentioned above, the average LinkedIn user is older and presumably more business-minded than on other networks. There is a certain fun factor missing that makes users less likely to casually browse. Any content that is meant to be more social and less business-minded might not be worth posting to LinkedIn. Likewise, trying too hard to earn sales on LinkedIn is a tactic that is likely to fall flat. Much like a successful blog, your LinkedIn page should be a resource, not a sales pitch. For some more ideas on what content will work best with LinkedIn, here’s a great article

If you like what you’ve read, or have some more insights into getting the most out of LinkedIn, drop us a line and let us know! And if you want to learn more about Viralheat and how we can help streamline your social strategy, please contact us as info@viralheat.com. Thanks for reading!

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