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6 Ways a Book Promotes Your Business

Many people dream about publishing a book, but few realize the public relations benefit of such an effort. If you publish a business book, you create the ideal vehicle to position your business, generate earned media, and win new customers.

Promote Business With BookHere are the six ways you can use a business book to strengthen your company’s PR and overall marketing efforts:

1) Instant thought leadership vehicle

Promote Business With Books - Starbucks

A business book can be used to discuss and advance an idea that your business revolves around. This is true of any business big or small, and any topic, from cupcakes and coffee to web design and technology policy. When you architect your business book, focus on a core differentiator for your business. Position it from the perspective of your customers and why that makes a difference.

2) A reason to be quoted

Branson - Books to Promote Your Business

God knows it’s hard to approach reporters and top blogs, but if you have a book that actually says something, then contact them. Don’t just pitch the thesis and main points in your book. Make yourself available as a subject matter expert. Be ready to write lots of guest articles and posts.

Don’t have time to write a book? Get quoted in one. Take a demo to learn more about Vocus’ publicity alerts!

3) Content vehicle

Vulnerable - Promote Business With BooksOne thing a book does is create significant amounts of content. If you work with a traditional publisher, it’s hard to convince them to slice and dice the book into more digestable pieces. Conversely, if you publish as an independent, you can do whatever you want with the content. That includes blog posts, use of graphics online, exercises, and publishing chapter summaries as cheat sheets.

The trick is to make sure you position the content for your stakeholders. Way too many authors publish content online about themselves and their book. No one cares. Make it useful or don’t publish it.

4) Speaking opportunities

Scott - Promote Business With Books

Want to speak more often? Write a great book about something that makes a difference in your industry. Until the book becomes widely read in your sector, you will need to pitch most venues to gain a spot. The book and its awesome thesis will help you get over the edge, and earn your speaking opportunity.

By the way, if you operate in a B2B marketplace, speaking is one of the best vehicles possible to generate new leads.

5) The best brochure money can buy

Hillary Clinton - Books to Promote Business

When people become interested in your business, they want to learn more about it. In some ways this is about your brand becoming safe to purchase. Nothing builds credibility and trust within an iindustry than a strong thought leadership piece like a book. While people won’t read it like a brochure, it certainly breaks down barriers when it comes to initiating a conversation with a customer.

6) The close

Jab Jab Jab Right Hook - Books That Promote Business

If your book is gaining traction, access to you the author is going to become extremely attractive to prospective customers. For businesses with many customers, this could simply mean private webinars or chats to address questions. You may give away autographed books to close deals. For those with less clients, you could make yourself or co-authors available to speak one-on-one or at customer events.

About Geoff Livingston

Geoff is president and founder of Tenacity5 Media, a digital marketing agency that provides content marketing and social media services. A former journalist, Geoff continues to write, and has authored five books. Follow him @geoffliving.

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