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Today’s Social Media Landscape – How to Gain Brand Awareness on the Top Networks

A couple of days ago we talked about the SEO value of the top social networks.  Today we will continue the discussion on today’s social media landscape and focus on how to gain brand awareness of the top social networks.  It’s a no brainer that your brand should have a social media presence as there is real value in having one – evident by the fact that 74% of people rely on social networks to guide a purchase decision, resulting in 86% of major and mid-sized retailers use social media for product promotion and branding and the admission.

But which networks are best for brand awareness?  And what is the best way to build awareness on those platforms?  Let’s break it down.

  • Twitter: This is a great platform for brand awareness. Due to the nature of its setup, tweets can easily come and go, but that’s one reason this platform works so well for brand awareness. Unlike Facebook, it’s okay to post to Twitter more than once a day – people will not get annoyed the way they do with serial posters on other networks.  Consistent messaging and brand promotion is easy when using applications like Viralheat to help manage when and what posts go out.  Twitter also gives you the chance to sponsor tweets to give even more visibility.
  • Facebook: There once was a time when Facebook posts surfaced based on the time posted.  But since Facebook’s recent algorithm changed to promote posts based on engagement, many brands’ posts go unseen regardless of the number of likes a brand has.  In order to increase the chances of your update showing up on feeds, boost your post or post content that requires or invites engagement – an image, a question, etc.
  • Instagram: Instagram is a great platform for brands to promote themselves – more than 70% of large brands are already on the platform.  And why not? It’s simple and extremely visual – posting images and interacting with your audience is easy. It’s a great way to promote new products, showcase the life behind the brand, etc. Check out some tips on how to use Instagram for business.
  • LinkedIn: This is a great platform for some free visibility. LinkedIn offers business pages for brands to promote their products and services so make sure your business page is up-to-date as this helps show a brand’s validity. LinkedIn Influencer posts can also help to increase engagement opportunities along with sponsored updates to boost reach.
  • Google+: This is a great place for brand awareness due to the fact that Google+ favors branded Web pages.  Google Authorship also helps boost CTR along with a few other hidden benefits so make sure you’re all setup with Google Authorship.  You’ll get higher overall exposure which, in turn, will boost your SEO value as well.
  • YouTube: If you have a great campaign (ex: Always’ #LikeAGirl or Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches“), then YouTube is your place for brand awareness as it helps content spread and quickly go viral.  However, for most brands, YouTube might be a little harder to manage for brand awareness.  Subscriptions heighten viewership and getting subscribers for a YouTube channel can take time.  Not to mention there are a ton of ads prior to viewing the actual video which might cause some confusion.
  • Pinterest: Pinterest is a haven for brand awareness if you sell a consumer product.  The platform revolves around photos and GIFs so marketers can be creative in choosing what images to post and how to position the brand.  Pinterest also categorizes images so users can go directly to images and ideas that are of interest to them – this can increase conversion rates as the users are already in prime position to make a purchase decision.
  • SlideShare: If you want to put your message out there uninterrupted and through your own words, SlideShare is a great place to push your content. Your presentations can even be easily embedded into other relevant posts or pages so make sure the content you release to SlideShare is in line with your messaging and brand vision.

We live in a fiercely competitive world, especially when you want your business to shine in a busy marketplace.  Brand awareness is key to a brand’s success, especially in the early stages when fighting for the attention of your audience. Before you go signing up for every social platform out there, do your research and make sure that you can keep up a social presence in line with each platform’s unique benefits.  And if you need help managing these networks, Viralheat is happy to help – drop us a line at



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