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Social Media Updates: Click-Bait Removal, Lurkers and Insta-shopping

Users constantly adopt new behaviors, preferences and technologies. Social networks play catch up, adding new features and making changes to the user experience.

This creates new opportunities and challenges for PR and marketing pros. Because the updates roll out so quickly (and sometimes without much fanfare), it’s easy to miss the latest changes.

Here’s a roundup of this week’s social media news and updates that may impact how you do social PR:


Facebook Social Media Updates

News Feed click-baiting – Facebook wants to say adios to click-bait headlines, which they define as titles that encourage clicking to see more without explaining much about what’s beyond the jump. That’s because the more a post gets clicked, the more it gets shown and it displays higher in News Feeds.

Link sharing – Fewer links will be shared in captions and status updates. Facebook’s research shows that people prefer to click written links more than links buried in photo captions.

Mentions Box wins Emmy’s – A new Facebook featured debuted at the Emmy’s. The Mentions Box allows celebrities and influencers to comment on posts mentioning them. Access Hollywood used the feature to ask celebrities fan-submitted questions to which they would respond by video.

Cell signal determines ads – Advertisers now have the ability to target Facebook ads based on their audience’s phone signal strength. That means data-heavy ads can be restricted to those with 4G connections. Text ads make sense for those with 2G connections.

Messenger rumors – Tired of the rumors swirling that the Messenger app constantly uses your phone’s camera and microphone, Facebook set the record straight. They said that the camera and microphone aren’t always on and that they request permission to turn those features on to help you communicate.


Twitter Social Media Updates

Analytics for all – Twitter has slowly rolled out an analytics dashboard to marketers, verified users and Twitter Card publishers in July. Now, everyone from your Uncle Bob to your CEO has access to how their tweets perform.

Flight School – Need a degree in Twitter? Maybe not, but Twitter has started a program to help familiarize businesses with its new features.

Lurkers – Forty percent of Twitter users don’t tweet, and two- to three-times the amount of Twitter’s user base view content but never log in. Twitter’s second in command said the company’s fine with those numbers and that not everyone has to tweet.


Social Media Updates - LinkedIn

Top tip – Not necessarily social news, but when a tip comes from a top LinkedIn employee, how could we not share? What’s the tip? Don’t be afraid to show your personality.


Google+ Social Media Updates 1

Import videos – Better late than never? You can now import Google+ videos to YouTube if you are a regular Google+ user with plenty of video content. It also works if you have Google+ Photos Auto backup on your mobile.


Social Media Updates - Instagram

Insta-shopping – See a shirt you like on Instagram? You can buy it immediately. Social media users interact with Instagram posts 58 times more often than Facebook posts, and now they can buy the merchandise they browse.

Hyperlapse – The photo-sharing network is investing more in video. Now users can create high-quality time lapse videos even while in motion. Check it out below.


Snapchat - Social Media Updates

Groupon’s ally – Groupon will be using Snaps and Snapchat stories to entice followers to buy their deals. Earlier this month, Groupon had told its Facebook and Twitter followers to follow them on Snapchat. Mobile makes up more than half of its transactions. 

$10 billion? – What’s Snapchat worth? More than the GDP of Madagascar apparently. Snapchat just received $20 million in funding from a major Silicon Valley investor, who valued the company at $10 billion.

Did we miss any other major social media news? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image: webtreats (Creative Commons) Google+ Image: Yoel Ben-Avraham (Creative Commons)

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