Three Ways to Generate Publicity for Your Brand

As a PR professional, you’re tasked with not only building and maintaining media relationships but also generating consistent, quality coverage. How can you do both when you don’t have a new product, service or opportunity to talk about?

Generate Publicity for Your Brand

Stop thinking about sharing news and become the news. Use these three proven methods to cut through the noise and capture the media’s attention and earn mentions:


Newsjacking is the art and science of injecting your ideas into a current, trending topic like Waffle House did during the U.S.-Belgium World Cup game. The tactic is mostly used to create buzz and awareness, but it can increase conversion rates and sales.

Promote your product.

You can promote your product with traditional and even digital product placement, but another option is giving a core group of influencers a sneak peek. You win their goodwill as well as the content they create – otherwise known as earned media.

Blend traditional with digital.

You can extend the lifecycle of your in-person events by adding digital media components like live streaming or photography. The blending process produces content you can use before, during and after the event. Additionally, it draws attention to your brand. Attendees and voyeurs will participate with your content, share it and sometimes create content of their own.

If you want more publicity, you have to attract more attention. Newsjacking, promoting your product and blending traditional and digital tactics are three ways to do just that.

Today’s news cycle is shorter and more cluttered than ever. Stand out from your competitors by downloading Vocus’ guide Eight Great Ways to Generate Publicity now!