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Today’s Social Media Landscape – How to Generate Traffic on the Top Networks

Last month we featured a number of posts to help you make the most of today’s top networks, including: the SEO value of the top networks, gaining brand awareness on the top networks, and how to communicate with customers on the top networks. Today we have the final post in the “Today’s Social Media Landscape” series and it’s a good one – how to generate traffic on the top networks.

There’s no denying that social media is a powerful communication tool to share updates, stories, sales, etc. But are people reacting to your content? Better yet, do they have the reaction you hope for? One of the major things marketers measure from their social activity is the resulting traffic driven to websites, CTAs, signup forms, and so on. This comes as no surprise as the end goal of any campaign is ROI and an increased bottom line. Let’s take a look at the top networks today to see which are the biggest traffic generators.

  • Twitter: If you’re looking for the social network that returns the highest referral traffic, look at Twitter. Twitter’s referral traffic is growing faster than any other social network. One strategy is to include photos and videos to tweets as it makes them even more clickable. If you want to reach a bigger audience than your own, look into Promoted Tweets.
  • Facebook: Facebook continues to be a leader in traffic generation month the social networks, especially after its new algorithm began giving priority to engaging content. In the past, posts popped up based on chronological order, but now Facebook rewards highly engaging content with better placement on newsfeeds.  Remember to post images, links, videos, etc. to garner more engagement than posting text alone.
  • Instagram: While Instagram is great at many things (brand awareness, ease of use, etc.), it is not known for generating traffic. While you can include a web address in posts or comments, it does not create referral traffic as you cannot click on the link and get directed to the brand page.  You can include a link in your bio, but it will open in your mobile device’s browsers and not to the actual brand page or destination page on Instagram.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is another site that generates referrals, but if you compare it to others (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest), it comes in at second place. It does well, however, with generating referrals from targeted audiences considering the closer, niche following of most users.
  • Google+: Google+ does generate less referral traffic than the other networks, but the market share is growing among the platforms (as its adoption and usage rates).
  • YouTube: YouTube does drive traffic, but not like the others.  Ranked just above LinkedIn, YouTube’s share among traffic drivers has dipped significantly.
  • Pinterest: Pinterest’s referral traffic is on the rise! Each image links back to a source Web page, contributing to the 89% increase year-over-year in referral traffic. Be sure to always include a link in all of your Pinterest posts as interested audience members will want to go directly to a source.
  • SlideShare: SlideShare’s process of generating referral traffic isn’t as smooth as other networks.  In order for you to successfully send traffic to a source Web page, you should embed SlideShare presentations to your company web page then include that link in any of your promotions – email, blog, social, etc.

And that wraps up lead generation and social networks! We hope this series has been helpful for you. Remember that each social network is not the same, and that is why we broke down the best (and works) networks for SEO, customer communication, brand awareness, and traffic generation.  Don’t treat all networks the same, especially in these four categories.  Take the time to build out your strategy and choose the one that gives you the best results.

Viralheat is dedicated to helping brands manage their social networks in all of these categories. If you’re interested in learning more about our services and how we can help out, please email – we’re happy to show you the way! 🙂

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