How to Master PR Measurement

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We sometimes view measuring our PR as a way to prove our worth to stakeholders, but measurement exists for another reason.

ROI - PR Measurement

According to Kami Huyse, founder of Zoetica Media, measuring and analyzing our data provides us with three results:

  1. Diagnose. We see what efforts worked and which ones didn’t.
  2. Prioritize. We can make more strategic decisions and make better plans for the future.
  3. Evaluate. We understand the return on investment (ROI) of our efforts and their value to both our customers and our brands.

To accomplish those three, we have to measure our key performance indicators (KPIs), what Kami says can be viewed as “touch points.” She recommends that we not try to track all the touch points at the outset; we should focus on the ones that matter the most to our brand’s objectives.

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Touch point 1: activity.

Activity - How to Measure PR

While our activities might not show revenue, we should track and benchmark them against our results. For example, we can compare how our tweets impact conversations from month-to-month. We can even track response time to assess how well we’re meeting our customers’ needs.

Touch point 2: attention.

Attention - How to Measure PR

Kami calls attention the “light” stuff. It’s typically social buzz, which is important but still relatively “light” in the grand scheme of things. The attention touch point includes Facebook likes and retweets.

Touch point 3: awareness.

Awareness KPIs - How to Measure PR

If attention is general awareness about us, awareness is conversations with us. It’s when people start responding to us on Twitter, leaving comments on our Facebook and Instagram posts, or engaging with us more often. Kami suggests using True Social Metrics to monitor and measure awareness.

Touch point 4: attitude.

Attitude - How to Measure PR

Attitude is a shift in perception. It’s things like sentiment, share of voice, purchase intent, and customer satisfaction. The British Academy Film Awards looked at share of voice when it compared pre- and post-chatter to assess how the films were received. Purchase intent can be thought of as buying signals. For example, if customers start interacting with us more frequently on our websites, they may be close to making a purchasing decision.

Touch point 5: actions.

Action - How to Measure PR

Actions are where we spend most of our time because they’re often easier to correlate with hard outcomes such as qualified leads and increased sales. ROI is one thing we can track with actions; others are customer lifetime value and emerging innovation, which is important to brands like Dell and GE.

While actions may be easier to track, they require work. Kami provides five steps:

  1. Create funnels to conversions in Google Analytics.
  2. Tag links with the Google URL Builder. Kami says it’s annoying to do, but we have to do it if we want to correctly attribute sources and measure efforts.
  3. Use Google Analytics to check referrals, which can lead to refining funnels as well as finding influencers and friendly news outlets.
  4. Ask people online and offline where they heard about us.
  5. Compare our real-life results against our digital measures and report revenue by acquisition type.

Bonus tip: overcome measurement analysis.

Activity - How to Measure PR

Kami says we often don’t measure our data because we’re overwhelmed by the immensity of it. She recommends we start small and stay focused on the metrics that matter to our brands. We don’t have to measure everything; we just have to measure, as Kami says, the things that keep our bosses up at night.

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