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Predictive Social Analytics – A Look Into the Technique that Returns Leads

If someone told you that there was a way to isolate individuals who are in need of purchasing a product or service like yours, would you be interested? What if those individuals were already warm, pre- and self-qualified leads that you could immediately reach out to or send directly to your sales team? If your goal is to increase the bottom line (whose goal isn’t?), then the answer to these questions should be a resounding YES!

You’re in luck… there IS a way to identify and engage with individuals who are in the market to make a purchase before they make that final decision or end up at your competitor’s door (or webpage). And no, it’s not magic… And yes, it’s affordable and simple to implement.

So, what’s the solution? SOCIAL MEDIA! By now you already know that social media has a valid place in any brand’s business strategy, across any vertical from banking to entertainment to higher education and more. Social media, with its global, 24-hour chatter, is a mining field for potential leads and customers. Someone is always talking about his or her wants and needs, complaining about current service or products, or researching new companies and items. All of these individuals are either in or will soon be in position to make a purchase decision, making them primetime opportunities for a potential conversion or sale.

Now, how do you isolate these individuals? Through the use of predictive social analytics. Social media is notorious for its high noise-to-relevance ratio and separating the junk from the significant conversations is part of the frustration for marketers. But when you do find those golden conversations, the return on investment (ROI) is quick and the relationship is established for longevity and loyalty.

Viralheat recognized the opportunity to mine leads in social media and, as a result, developed a patented human intent technology that identifies potential leads based on the natural language processing. In layman’s terms: Viralheat tells you which social media users are in the market to make a purchase based on language indicators like “want”, “need”, etc. You tell Viralheat what keywords or phrases are important to you, and we return the social conversations that are looking for your product or service. You can then either engage directly with that individual or send the leads to your sales team directly in Viralheat or by exporting a .csv to Salesforce or SugarCRM.

For example, let’s say I got engaged last night. I would immediately post the news to my social channels with a message along the lines of, “I said yes! We’re getting married! #engaged.” If the Sheraton of Cabo San Lucas were using Viralheat to track conversations about new engagements, my post would be marked as a lead and the social media manager could reach out to me to congratulate me on my engagement and offer wedding or honeymoon packages. Imagine how many women get engaged and announce it on social media each day. All of these conversations are potential leads for the Sheraton of Cabo San Lucas that they would not have if they weren’t using predictive social media analytics.

Social media can be a gold mine for potential leads and customers so long as you know what you’re looking for and how to find it. If you have the process in place and the tools available to do the grunt work, you can easily have a funnel of warm, pre- and self-qualified leads at your fingertips that you wouldn’t have found using traditional marketing methods.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out this site on using predictive social analytics to return leads, check out this site or email support@viralheat.com.

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