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Social Media in Review: September 2014

For social media marketers, business moves fast. The industry is continuously changing– it’s the best and worst thing about working in the field! We want to share a few stories that caught our eye this month. Let us know what you think!

Ello launch aims for ad-free social media experience:

Launched this Summer, and gaining steam coming into the Fall, Ello is a sparse, hip new social network. Still in beta testing, and still invite-only, Ello has taken an aggressively anti-ad stance, as evidenced by the Manifesto displayed prominently on their signup page. Ello was started as a private network by a few artists and engineers, and the minimalist layout and unique formatting tools are smart and distinct. Ello’s existence raises a lot of questions; how quickly can a social network grow while shunning advertisers? Can carefully moderated growth provide a better-quality user base in the long run? And can Ello have enough users to avoid seeming like an echo chamber?

Twitter #AmazonWishList hashtag:

We talked back in July about how Twitter and Facebook are experimenting with allowing users to purchase items directly from their social media feeds. In what could be considered a tangential development, Twitter users can now use a simple hashtag to add an item to their Amazon wishlist. Teaming up with Amazon certainly seems like a smart move for Twitter; Amazon has an undeniable place on top of the e-commerce mountain, and this partnership could help users bridge the gap between Twitter and online shopping.

Facebook Atlas:

Facebook is in the middle of rolling out it’s new Atlas ad platform, which will grant marketers unprecedented access to Facebook’s online gold mine of social data. This access will allow marketers to target Facebook users based on increasingly specific demographic and behavioral data, and target ads to them both on and away from Facebook. While advocates of online privacy continue to raise concerns about the overreaching influence of Google, Facebook, and other data mining giants, Facebook has been transparent and frank about their lack of privacy to the point where any smart Facebook user will have no reasonable expectation of privacy.

iPhone 6 #bendgate:

Though some of the newness may have faded, every new Apple release is going to kick up a significant amount of buzz in the techie community, and the long-awaited release of the larger-screened iPhone 6 line was no exception. Aside from the usual fanboy chatter about outdated technical specs, the iPhone 6 had to weather an early PR nightmare: #bendgate. When placed in users’ pockets, the iPhone 6, especially the massive iPhone 6 Plus, was found to bend from seemingly normal use. Of course, this quickly got out of hand, with video demonstrations, a slight dip in Apple stock, and several clever ads poking fun at #bendgate, from competing mobile phones, to ads for khakis and candy bars.

‘Modern Family’ editor uses Twitter to document airline passenger:

In an encounter that seems stolen from the pages of a sitcom script, Ryan Case, an editor and director for Modern Family, recently live-tweeted a hilarious play-by-play of an encounter with a particularly vocal human train wreck riding Coach from New York to Los Angeles. Spinning the tale of her observation of “the worst person in the world,” Case paints a painfully-relatable picture of similar experiences we’ve all had with awful airplane co-passengers. This story surely had many people wondering if Case had stumbled upon their ex, and many more will hopefully be willing to cut their fellow flyers a break for their lack of armrest etiquette.

Following social media certainly feels like trying to hit a moving target. Driven by a robust community of startups, and gaining new users every day, it’s important to stay informed and engaged to keep up. If you’ve seen something you want to share, tweet @viralheat and let us know!


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