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Social Regulations and Goals

Day 3 of AMEC Measurement Week in New York City kicked off with Laura A. Grover, Senior Digital Strategy Director of Quintiles, discussing media engagement in a regulated industry.

Social engagement in a regulated industry


Laura Grover

In a world of transparency and over-sharing, Laura went against the grain by saying companies in regulated industries should engage less on social networks, not more. Due to the sensitive nature of those industries, over-sharing and things as simple as abbreviations in social posts could cause major ramifications for companies. Instead, she focused on engaging in social dialogues on owned channels. She gave the example of engaging on your company’s own LinkedIn page, but not posting in groups.

Accompanying the strategy of mostly sticking to owned platforms to share a company’s story, Laura did promote the idea of utilizing influencers to tell your story via social. Because companies in regulated industries have more risks when they engage directly with consumers, she recommended going through these third parties because they do not own the same kind of risk that the company does.

Another piece of advice that goes across all industries is to make the stories you tell embrace the human-side of a business. She presented a matrix of customers, influencers, stakeholders, etc. that was crossed with the different channels on which those audiences engage. When planning outreach, this matrix becomes invaluable because it gives you the information you need to engage with the right audience on the right channel with the right message.

Finally, regardless of if you’re in a regulated business or not, do not overuse jargon. Laura went through examples of social posts that included jargon vs. those that did not. In each case, it was clear to the audience that the less jargon used, the more engaging the post. This got confirmation from a journalist in attendance who mentioned that “jargony” press releases had a special place in her email: the trash can.

Goal Setting


K.C. Brown

Following Laura, K.C. Brown, General Manager of Cision Global Analysts, presented Principle One: Goal Setting, the first of the Barcelona Principles. K.C. brought together an impromptu panel of attendees to the stage and gave them each a “report.” The reports consisted of an obituary/eulogy, a cell phone bill, an annual report, and a prescription. While these initially seemed unrelated to each other and to PR, it quickly became clear how each different type of report represented the different ways to think about goals within an organization. It went like this:

Prescription=trials and tests There’s no one prescription for every patient. They have different medical needs. And sometimes there’s a need for more than one for each patient until the patient is no longer sick. This same strategy applies to business. Test, run trials and monitor results to figure out your goals.
Cell phone bill=clipbook Just as a phone bill breaks down your usage for the month, a clipbook is a straight forward list of everything that went into and came out of the campaign. There is no story or explanation.
Obituary/eulogy=the post mortem This is what takes place after a campaign is over, and rehashes what should be used again and what didn’t work. It tells a story, and tries to be presented in a positive light.
Annual report=benchmark An overall review of the campaign. This gives a comprehensive analysis for stakeholders to make future decisions.

K.C. emphasized that we all struggle to set meaningful goals, so focusing on the process that will define those goals is a huge step in successful measurement.

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